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Jane Fonda Spilled On Her Past Co-Stars Including Robert Redford And Michael Douglas

May 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Jane Fonda is BUSY. And I’m not talking about the press tours she’s been doing for her new film Book Club: The Next Chapter or the recent blitz for 80 for Brady. Having been invited to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Jane decided it was high time to bring some drama to France. Not only did she spill the tea regarding some of her very famous co-stars, but she also showed off her throwing arm by chucking a Palme d’Or scroll at a winner during the ceremony! I guess you stop giving a damn about everything once you hit 80.

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Michael Douglas Confirms That Debra Winger Lost The Female Lead In “Romancing The Stone” Because She Bit Him

April 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Romancing the Stone is a classic 80s film featuring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder and Jack Colton, a sexy couple who run around the jungle for two hours. If you’ve never seen it, flip on TNT and it’ll be on. It’s a cable TV classic! Stories of the film’s production have abounded from the Douglas-Turner almost affair that contributed to their on-screen chemistry to the dangerous alligator stunts. But there’s a bite that’s gotten more attention than that alligator that almost ripped off one of the trainers’ hands: Debra Winger’s. Ever since Turner spoke about the incident in her 2008 autobiography, people have wondered if Winger really took a bite out of Douglas. Turns out, it’s true!

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Kirk Douglas Was Named By Natalie Wood’s Sister As Her Alleged Assailant

November 4, 2021 / Posted by:

It seems like just yesterday that Catherine Zeta-Jones was rolling out the withered husk of Kirk Douglas on stage at the Golden Globes, much to the dismay of many who either weren’t ready to see the ravages 100 years takes on the human body in high def, and/or didn’t want to see a man suspected of raping a 16-year-old Natalie Wood heralded as a hero. According to The Guardian, Natalie’s sister Lana Wood has completed her memoir, Little Sister, and with its publication, “one of Hollywood’s darkest rumors” has been corroborated. Lana says that since Kirk has died, she feels like she’s not betraying her sister by revealing that he was Natalie’s alleged rapist. Poor Lana probably woke up every morning for the last 20 years checking her Google alerts going “damn, how this bitch is STILL ALIVE?

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Sean Young Thinks Her Career Was Deliberately Sabotaged By A Bunch Of Directors

March 23, 2021 / Posted by:

Sean Young has the type of Wikipedia page that should begin with the words, “How much time do you have?“, because there is SO much to learn about her iconic and infamous career as an actress. There are also many stories about how Sean was a diva, a stalker, and an all-around mess. At the time, back in the pre-internet 90s, all those characterizations seemingly provided enough evidence for why the universe hit the brakes on her career. Even when Sean would offer her perspective, it was usually met with someone in high places who was able to discredit her by pointing to the stories about her being a diva.

Well, time has proven that some of the people who previously accused Sean of being a mess are actually the messes themselves. And thanks to the #MeToo movement helping to disprove the persistent Hollywood rumor of the “difficult” actress, Sean can finally get her side of the story out. Which is that, according to Sean, she probably would have had a longer, more legitimate career had it not been for a bunch of directors who sabotaged it.

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Modesty Reigned Supreme On The SAG Awards Red Carpet

January 20, 2020 / Posted by:

I don’t know which Project Runway reject fucked up the bedsheet challenge this badly either. And to think, we were so worried about Lizzo getting her juice all over the folding chairs at The Staples Center, we forgot to worry about potential coochie-contact with the upholstered seats at the Shrine Auditorium. However, Sarah Hyland’s short and confusing floral 4th of July bunting skirt was an outlier. For the most part, the outfits on display at last night’s Screen Actors’ Guild Awards were a lot more conservative, ranging from the tiered ruffles and billowy chiffon of a modest religious sect, to tailored suits. On ladies! Hollywood is confusing.

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Brigitte Nielsen’s White Hot Glamour Singed The Red Carpet, And Other Looks From The Golden Globes

January 7, 2019 / Posted by:

Cleaning crews at The Beverly Hilton are probably still vacuuming up the shards of glitter that flew off of Billy Porter when he twirled in that amazing technicolor dreamcape, and are mopping up the Fiji water that people spewed out after realizing they were in the presence of the one and only Fiji Water Girl, and are disinfecting the floor after hundreds of people shit themselves as Baroness Jamie Lee Haden-Guest (seriously, she’s a baroness) sashayed onto the red carpet and they thought, “Damn, Brigitte Nielsen is looking hot after birthing out a baby!” People probably shit out everything in their system and are going to need some probiotics to get their guts good again. I see what you did there Queen of Activia!

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