Jude Law Is Sad That No One Will Ever See His Woody Allen Movie

/ November 17, 2018

In an interview with the New York Times (via Vulture) about his appearance in the next Fantastic Beasts film, Jude Law revealed that he’s saddened that his and others’ work in Woody Allen’s movie A Rainy Day In New York will never be seen. Sometimes, Jude, it’s a good idea during interviews to let your publicist hurriedly throw their body inbetween you and the interviewer while shrieking “NEXT QUESTION, PLEASE!”

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Hayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend Says Their Relationship Isn’t A Mess

/ November 17, 2018

According to Us Weekly, Hayden Panettiere’s friends are concerned that her current relationship with stool molester (the wooden kind) Brian Hickerson is unhealthy. Accompanied by Brian, Hayden’s been out in public lately reportedly acting like she’s making up for all the Spring Breaks she missed because of her acting career. And then there was the police making the acquaintance of Hayden, Brian, and Brian’s dad in South Carolina last month on a domestic disturbance call. In a statement to Access Hollywood, Brians they’re just fine, and Hayden’s friends aren’t worried about her. He also wanted everybody to have a great day. He might be a bad influence-type but at least he’s a polite one.

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Jessie J Would Like People To Stop Saying She Looks Like Jenna Dewan

/ November 17, 2018

But which one wore Channing Tatum better? Former professional floor humper Channing and dancer/choreographer/actress Jenna Dewan split after nine years of marriage in September. Since then, Channing has begun mini-golfing with that woman who sings that bang bang into the room song? That’s her, right? Anyway, Jessie J recently read an article that claimed she’s practically face-twins with Channing’s ex. Whichever publication it was also asked readers to choose which one of them was prettier. Miss J (not the good one) wasn’t pleased and had something to say about it on Instagram.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

/ November 17, 2018

Mayor Smoke the Turkey of Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin!

America’s Annual Losing It About Politics At The Dinner Table Scream-a-thon is less than a week away, and in between your Trump-loving uncle still screaming about Crooked Hillary and your Bernie-loving second cousin still screaming about Crooked Hillary, they sometimes shut their scream hole for a second with a big piece of cooked (or overcooked, depending on who’s cooking it) turkey flesh. So because it’s turkey eatin’ season, turkeys are either laying in a freezer coffin at a grocery store, headed to a freezer coffin at a grocery store, or hiding out in Alicia Silverstone’s backyard. But not Smoke the Turkey!

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Birthday Sluts

/ November 17, 2018
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (60)
Rocsi Diaz (35)
Sarah Harding (37)
Isaac Hanson (38)
Zoe Bell (40)
Rachel McAdams (40)
Leslie Bibb (44)
Kimya Dawson (46)
David Ramsey (47)
Ronnie DeVoe (51)
Daisy Fuentes (52)
Sophie Marceau (52)

Pic: Universal Pictures

Dylan Walsh (55)
Jonathan Ross (58)
RuPaul (58)
Ramona Singer (62)
Roland Joffe (73)
Danny DeVito (74)
Lorne Michaels (74)
Lauren Hutton (75)
Martin Scorsese (76)
Gordon Lightfoot (80)
Jeff Buckley (1966-1997)
Rock Hudson (1925-1985)
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Night Crumbs

/ November 16, 2018

ScarJo and Colin Jost posed together at a gala for the American Museum Of Natural History, and in several pictures, you can almost hear the screams inside of his head: HEY, EVERYONE, JUST A REMINDER THAT I’M THE GUY WHO GETS TO FUCK SCARJO! WOO HOO ME! – Celebitchy

Sure, Taron Egerton and Sofia Boutella could be throwing looks of love at each other, but to me, it looks more like she’s thinking, “The hell is that hat?”, while he’s thinking, “The hell is that hair color?”Lainey Gossip 

Wherever these pictures were taken, I hope the people put on gas masks or else they inhaled the toxic fumes from Backdoor Farrah and that equally-as-plastic wig melting – Drunken Stepfather

Amber Heard busting out “aspiring actress at her first head shot photo shoot” poses for ShapePopoholic

If the painting didn’t shred itself right after the winning bid was declared, David Hockney can’t call himself an artist – Towleroad

My guess is that Jennifer Aniston wasn’t asked to be in the new Leprechaun movie because its creators want everyone to know it’s a serious piece of indie cinematic art and not some money-making commercial garbage! – SOW

It’s already awards season time – Pajiba

Only Germany’s Finest Rose can turn a coffee cup into a luxurious designer cooch cover – Hollywood Tuna 

Why did I think this was the Monopoly Man SANS stache and hat? – Just Jared

William Goldman, the writer whose mind gave us The Princess Bride and much more, has died – Vox

Pic: Wenn.com

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