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Melissa Etheridge Reveals She Helped Many Other Celebs Come Out, Including Ricky Martin

September 28, 2022 / Posted by:

We may have become accustomed to LGBTQ+ celebs parachuting out of their closets with rainbow flags NOW,  but they’re all a day late and about thirty years of dollars too short. Because back in the 90s when most celebrities lived inside closets locked behind vaults in underground bunkers, Melissa Etheridge kicked her closet door down and started slapping away at bitches with her guitar when she announced she was a lesbian a few months before the release of her album Yes I Am in 1993. Now as the 30th anniversary of this groundbreaking album looms near, Melissa is revealing a few other celebs she helped come out during their journey. And although she notes Ricky Martin as someone else who sought her assistance she also soothed his fears by saying “Aww sweetie, we already know.”

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Ricky Martin Is Suing The Nephew Who Accused Him Of Stalking, Harassment, and Sexual Abuse

September 8, 2022 / Posted by:

50-year-old Ricky Martin had quite the narrative arc over the summer when his 21-year-old nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, made the claim that they were in a 7-month-long sexually abusive affair together and it ended with Ricky harassing and stalking Dennis. But like the Telenovelas this moment was echoing, the already dramatic story took another dramatic turn when Dennis withdrew his complaint as Ricky testified that it was Dennis who was harassing Ricky for months. Welp, Ricky is now suing Dennis in San Juan, Puerto Rico for $20 million because the accusations fucked with Ricky’s career. Ricky also alleges that Dennis is STILL trying to extort him for money.  Continue reading


Case Dismissed! After Ricky Martin’s Testimony This Morning, His Nephew Has Withdrawn His Complaint

July 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Apparently, Ricky Martin’s version of La Vida Loca in 2022 involves getting up at the ass crack of dawn and hopping on a Zoom call from Puerto Rico to testify against his 21-year-old nephew who had accused him of domestic abuse and engaging in a 7-month sexual relationship with him. And luckily for him, before I ever got a chance to use the nickname Icky Ricky, he’s in the clear. Variety reports that following Ricky’s testimony, the nephew withdrew his complaint and the case has been dismissed. As such, the temporary restraining order filed by the nephew was not extended.

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Ricky Martin’s Attorney Denies The Accusations That He Had A Sexual And Abusive Relationship With His Nephew

July 16, 2022 / Posted by:

So…are you having a great day today? If you are, then you probably didn’t read last night about how the domestic violence allegations against 50-year-old Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico took a sharp turn down WTF Way when it was revealed that his accuser is his 21-year-old nephew. Ricky is facing accusations that he was in a sexual and abusive relationship with his nephew for months and when it ended, Ricky got even crazier and stalked his nephew. Through his lawyer, Ricky is denying the allegations and calling them “disgusting.” We go-sign that “disgusting” comment, Ricky’s lawyer.

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Ricky Martin Denies The Allegations That He Got Violent With Someone

July 3, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s 2022, so naturally, we’re all wondering, “What in the world is going on with Ricky Martin?” Oh, you’re not keeping up on the Ricky news? And you consider yourself a Menudo fan! Well, let me fill you in. Ricky has been slapped with a domestic abuse restraining order in Puerto Rico from an unnamed party. Yeah, the she bangs guy (no, not William Hung!) is battling domestic allegations. Life comes at you fast.

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Ricky Martin’s Ex-Manager Is Suing Him For $3 Million, And Says She Saved Him From An Allegation That Could Have Ended His Career

June 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Ricky Martin is being sued by his former talent manager, Rebecca Drucker, for $3 million in unpaid commissions. Deadline reports that Rebecca filed the complaint yesterday, and her “often taunting” 15-page breach of oral contract suit states that she “saved Ricky Martin’s career” from a “potentially career-ending allegation in September 2020” and other “reckless indiscretions.” There are also references to unpaid taxes, substance abuse, and “a personal life… in disarray” (relatable).

Rebecca says that 50-year-old Ricky is trying to get her to sign an NDA to shut her up about his alleged “abhorrent behavior,” but she “will not be silenced.” It is heavily implied that if Ricky doesn’t settle the suit, Rebecca will blab. If this big secret turns out to be “Ricky Martin is GAY!!!”, someone needs to tell Rebecca and her legal team that she’s about eleven years too late.

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