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Lady Gaga Is Getting Dragged For Doing A Nurtec Ad

June 14, 2023 / Posted by:

There’s a mutiny happening over at the S.S. Gaga where little monster fans are turning on their pop-provocateur captain Lady Gaga after she took to her social media and dared utter the words…proud to partner with Nurtec ODT? Mother Monster posted a paid partnership ad on Instagram sharing her lifelong struggle with migraines, leading her to try Nurtec. And Gaga wishes she had “found it sooner.” And for some reason, the pure act of doing a sponsored post for a pharmaceutical company gave fans a migraine.

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Open Post: Hosted By A New Picture Of Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn In “Joker: Folie à Deux”

April 6, 2023 / Posted by:

Get ready, people! Lady Gaga is an Oscar winner (for Best Song for co-writing Shallow), but she’s been trying to get her hands around a Best Actress Oscar. Gaga’s latest role is playing a singing and dancing Harley Quinn, opposite Joaquin Phoenix as a singing and dancing Joke in Joker: Folie à Deux.  Joaquin already won the Best Actor Oscar for playing the Joker in the first movie, and now it’s Gaga’s turn! Director Todd Phillips announced yesterday that filming on Joker 2 has wrapped, and he shared more pictures of Gaga’s Harley Quinn and Joaquin’s Joker. And you can practically hear the engines roaring up on Joaquin and Gaga’s latest Oscar campaigns!

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Lady Gaga Stopped To Help A Fallen Photographer On The Oscars Red Carpet And Later Gave A Stripped-Down Performance Of Her Song From “Top Gun: Maverick” 

March 13, 2023 / Posted by:

Lady Gaga could actually be truly happy for all of the “Best Actress” nominees at last night’s 2023 Oscars since she didn’t get to sport a cumbersome accent in any 2022 films that would get her that nom. But, her grueling campaign to grab an acting Oscar will probably continue as soon as the sequel to Joker, Folie à Deux, hits the can. However, she was able to get some attention last night when she rushed to help a photog who busted his ass on the “champagne carpet” as she walked by. And she performed “Hold My Hand,” the song she and BloodPop created for Top Gun: Maverick; which was nominated for “Best Original Song.” Though she didn’t snag the trophy, her performance did receive buzz for its no frills/SANS FARDS vibes.

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Lady Gaga Is Being Sued For Reward Money By The Woman Who Returned Her Stolen Dogs To Police

February 27, 2023 / Posted by:

Audacity comes in many forms, and today, audacity comes in the form of a woman named Jennifer McBride suing Lady Gaga for the $500,000 reward she offered up for the return of her dogs in the dognapping incident that left her dog walker shot and almost dying. Jennifer returned the dogs to the police, which ultimately led to the arrest of five people, including Jennifer herself. Now, she thinks she can still get that $500,000, and I guess some INSANE lawyer decided to help her file a lawsuit against Gaga for the money. Maybe Jennifer filed it herself? Unclear, but the only court this belongs in is Clown Court because this is some clownery of the highest degree.

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Here’s The First Look At Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn In The “Joker” Sequel “Folie à Deux”

February 15, 2023 / Posted by:

15 years. Three presidencies. Two (and a half) exhausting Oscar campaigns. That is how long we’ve had to wait for Lady Gaga to lay all her cards on the table and finally show us her, her, her, her, her Joker Face. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joker director Todd Philips shared a special Valentine message to all those hopeless romantics sociopaths out there with a first look at Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker sequel Folie à Deux

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Open Post: Hosted By Madonna Doing The “Wednesday Dance” To Lady Gaga’s Song

February 2, 2023 / Posted by:

Madonna took a beat from wasting Julia Garner’s time and Universal Pictures’ money and preparing for an upcoming world tour to finally partake in the “Bloody Wednesday” TikTok dance craze! And usually, “boomer sinks her claws into a trend that’s already over” isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but this is a special case since people have been doing Wednesday Addams’ choreo from a scene in Netflix’s Wednesday to a sped-up version of Lady Gaga’s song, Bloody Mary. As we know, Madonna and Gaga have a long, rocky history. Basically, Madonna thinks Gaga stole her schtick and Gaga is tired of Madonna and others saying she stole her schtick. The two played nice by rubbing faces at a Madonna Oscar party a few years ago, but it’s hard to tell if that meant the beef was genuinely squashed or Madonna was just trying to siphon Gaga’s youth while Gaga tried to siphon Madonna’s unused provocative ideas.

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