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Michael Douglas Confirms That Debra Winger Lost The Female Lead In “Romancing The Stone” Because She Bit Him

April 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Romancing the Stone is a classic 80s film featuring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder and Jack Colton, a sexy couple who run around the jungle for two hours. If you’ve never seen it, flip on TNT and it’ll be on. It’s a cable TV classic! Stories of the film’s production have abounded from the Douglas-Turner almost affair that contributed to their on-screen chemistry to the dangerous alligator stunts. But there’s a bite that’s gotten more attention than that alligator that almost ripped off one of the trainers’ hands: Debra Winger’s. Ever since Turner spoke about the incident in her 2008 autobiography, people have wondered if Winger really took a bite out of Douglas. Turns out, it’s true!

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Debra Winger Dragged Madonna’s Acting And Said #MeToo Has Gone “Ridiculously Too Far”

August 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Today is Madonna’s birthday and I’m sure she’s enjoying all the birthday well-wishes rolling in from fans and industry luminaries alike. So let’s give her the gift of letting her continue to believe that the reason A League of Their Own is trending on Twitter is because of her iconic performance in that film is being celebrated and not because the notoriously salty Debra Winger has told The Telegraph that she walked away from the movie upon hearing that Madonna had been cast. In the same interview, Debra also let HBO know she’s gunning for a role in the next season of The White Lotus by saying that as “the mother of three young white males” #MeToo has gone “ridiculously too far.” That’s method, babies. Something Madonna wouldn’t know about given that, according to Debra, “her acting career has spoken for itself.

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Debra Winger Isn’t Into Games, Specifically Andy Cohen’s Games

October 31, 2018 / Posted by:

Plead The Fifth is a game that Andy Cohen regularly plays with his guests on Watch What Happens Live. I love the game, because it sometimes brings out a juicy nugget (see: Pink talking about the time that Xtina tried to fight her in a club), and other times it causes Andy’s guests to hit him with an icy load of “fuck off with that shit” when he asks them a question they don’t like. Debra fell under the second category last night, and it had me singing (in the tune of the theme from her movie An Officer and a Gentlemen): ♪ hate lift us up ♪ where we beeeeeeelong

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