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Sean Young Thinks Her Career Was Deliberately Sabotaged By A Bunch Of Directors

March 23, 2021 / Posted by:

Sean Young has the type of Wikipedia page that should begin with the words, “How much time do you have?“, because there is SO much to learn about her iconic and infamous career as an actress. There are also many stories about how Sean was a diva, a stalker, and an all-around mess. At the time, back in the pre-internet 90s, all those characterizations seemingly provided enough evidence for why the universe hit the brakes on her career. Even when Sean would offer her perspective, it was usually met with someone in high places who was able to discredit her by pointing to the stories about her being a diva.

Well, time has proven that some of the people who previously accused Sean of being a mess are actually the messes themselves. And thanks to the #MeToo movement helping to disprove the persistent Hollywood rumor of the “difficult” actress, Sean can finally get her side of the story out. Which is that, according to Sean, she probably would have had a longer, more legitimate career had it not been for a bunch of directors who sabotaged it.

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Sir Ian McKellen Got Vaccinated In London and Oliver Stone Got The Russian Vaccine

December 17, 2020 / Posted by:

In America, healthcare workers have been prioritized as the first people to receive the eagerly anticipated (for most) COVID-19 vaccine. But in Britain apparently, they’re doing people with titles first as is their prerogative. Wizards and old folks are next. So it makes sense that Sir Ian McKellen, being a senior titled wizard and all, would be at the front of the line. BBC News shares that 81-year-old Sir Ian said he felt “euphoric” after receiving the Pfizer vaccine at Queen Mary’s University Hospital in London.

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Jamie Foxx Says Oliver Stone Told Him He Was “Horrible” During An Audition

December 4, 2019 / Posted by:

In 2005, Jamie Foxx was nominated for Best Actor (for Ray, which he won), and Best Supporting Actor (for Collateral). And I believe it’s Hollywood law that once you are nominated for or win an Oscar, you are forever known as “Academy Award nominee/winner ____” for the rest of your career. In short, everyone basically agrees you’re generally good at acting. But before 2005, way back in 1999, someone thought Jamie couldn’t act his way out of a trash can, and that man was Oliver Stone.

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