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Amber Heard Is Done With Hollywood And Living In Madrid

May 5, 2023 / Posted by:

Where in the world is Amber Heard? We haven’t really heard (ha!) from her since December when she dropped her appeal against her ex Johnny Depp. Yesterday, The Daily Mail gave us an answer. They claim 37-year-old Amber has “quit Hollywood” and moved to Madrid, Spain, with her 2-year-old daughter, Oonagh. After last year’s bonkers defamation trial and Team Johnny Depp (allegedly) orchestrating a massive online hate campaign against her, I don’t blame Amber for wanting a new start. Let’s just hope the Hollywood Vampires don’t add Madrid as a stop on their European tour.

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Amber Heard Has Announced That She’s Made The “Very Difficult To Decision” To Settle The Johnny Depp Defamation Case

December 19, 2022 / Posted by:

About two weeks ago, Amber Heard’s lawyers announced that they filed an appeal against a Virginia jury’s decision that she defamed Johnny Depp in her Washington Post op-ed piece about being a victim of domestic violence even though she never named him. If Amber won her appeal, then that would’ve opened up the doors to HELL again a new trial where a Virginia courtroom would once again be the setting for a disastrous landfill fire. Well, today, Amber announced that she’s decided she doesn’t want to put herself through the pain of another trial, so she’s dropped her appeal and settled with her ex so she can finally move on with her life. And you may want to put a clothespin on your nose today because hot stank fumes are definitely wafting off of Johnny Depp as he does another victory lap.

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Amber Heard Has Filed An Appeal Asking For A Reversal Or A New Trial Against Johnny Depp’s Defamation Suit

December 6, 2022 / Posted by:

Because dominating the press cycle with their marital drama from the years 2016 to present hasn’t quite been enough, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have now filed appeals to the Virginia court’s ruling in their most recent defamation trial, which ended with a jury siding with Johnny on all but one of Amber’s counter complaints. Earlier last month, Johnny filed to appeal the one judgment that went in Amber’s favor, and now, Amber’s filed an appeal to have the verdict overturned completely or be awarded an entirely new trial. Deadline reports that it could take years and the involvement of the Virginia Supreme Court “before this is settled, if it ever really is.” In which case, somebody might want to go nudge Helena Bonham Carter awake and offer her some extra long-acting smelling salts for when she passes right back out again after she learns her friend Johnny might not be “completely vindicated” after all.

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Johnny Depp is Dating One Of The Attorneys Who Represented Him In His U.K. Trial Against The Sun

September 22, 2022 / Posted by:

I can hardly think of anything more romantic than standing in a court of law presenting a photograph of alleged human excrement left in the marital bed of your sexy movie star client in a failed effort to get a tabloid to take back calling him a “wife-beater. And apparently, I’m not the only one! Us Weekly reports that the “chemistry” between Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich, one of the attorneys who represented him in his libel suit against The Sun, is “off the charts.” Which is really saying something given the jumbo XXL chart opposing counsel presented with his text message that read “I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion or what I once thought was love for this gold digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market … I can only hope that karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her,” that ultimately divorced the title “wife beater” from the word “allegedly,” at least as far as The Sun is concerned. So it’s not like giant charts don’t exist, there just isn’t one that can accommodate the incredible chemistry between Johnny and Joelle. Sources claim “it’s serious between them. They are the real deal.” Oh, and did I mention that Joelle is currently married with two kids? Man, talk about a meet cute!

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Brad Pitt And Emily Ratajkowski Might Be A Thing

August 31, 2022 / Posted by:

Brad Pitt and the recently single Emily Ratajkowski might be “secretly dating”, according to OK Magazine. A source says 58-year-old Brad was “crushing on” (puke) 31-year-old Emily at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party, when she was still with her alleged cheater husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. But, now that Em and Seb are done, OK’s insider claims Brad swooped in and asked her out. Brad’s rep denied the rumor, but I hope it’s actually true, cuz I already have the perfect couple name locked and loaded: RatPitt!

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