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Aziz Ansari Is Anne Hathaway’s Canceled Person Of Choice

June 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Anne Hathaway covers the latest issue of Interview magazine, and in the Interview interview, she answers 20 questions from celebrities like Matthew McConaughey (“what does feminism mean to you?”), Jake Gyllenhaal (“which do you like better, acting or singing?”), Julie Andrews (“what really ticks you off?”), and Octavia Spencer (“how do you maintain the joyous work/life balance so seamlessly?”). But those questions were a bore compared to Mindy Kaling’s, who woke up and chose clickbait drama. Mindy asked her Ocean’s 8 co-star which problematic celeb’s art she still loves (Mindy says she still loves Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters). Anne’s answer? Aziz Ansari. Apparently, she’s a big Master of None fan.

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Open Post: Hosted By Anne Hathaway Beating Kelly Clarkson At Her Own Game On Her Own Show With Her Own Song

March 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Eternal Theatre Kid, Anne Hathaway, is forever That Girl™ when it comes to musical-type shit. This includes any kind of party game involving songs or theatrics. And during a game of Sing That, Name That Tune against Kelly on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Anne immediately recognized Kelly’s own song and sang it before Kelly had a chance. Nobody should have been surprised by that.

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Open Post: Hosted By Anne Hathaway Saying “Nothing From Me” When Asked To Give Advice To This Year’s Oscar Hosts

March 18, 2022 / Posted by:

The 2011 Academy Awards were considered to be a disaster and that ceremony was co-hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Hosting the Oscars with James Franco was reportedly as pleasant for Anne as it was for all of us watching at home. So when Anne was asked to give advice to this year’s Oscars hosts, she decided that the best advice to give would be no advice at all.

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Open Post: Hosted By Jared Leto As WeWork Founder Adam Neumann in The Trailer For Apple TV+’s “WeCrashed”

January 19, 2022 / Posted by:

I got a trial subscription to Apple TV+ and as far as I could tell, the only requirement for content is that it has to have big-name stars doing the absolute most, or be Ted Lasso. I base this assessment on having watched exactly 1.25 episodes of The Morning Show and about a minute and a half of that off-putting shit The Shrink Next Door with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. So why not also have a movie starring Jared Leto doing an impression of James Franco doing an impression of Tommy Wiseau to play the role of Israeli WeWork founder Adam Neumann. In the trailer for WeCrashed, co-starring Anne Hathaway as his wife Rebekah Neumann, Jared sounds like he put his spicy Italian meatball accent from House of Gucci in a blender, and voila, now it’s hummus!

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Aaron Sorkin And Anne Hathaway Join Jessica Chastain In Defending Jeremy Strong From His New Yorker Profile

December 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Well, Aaron Sorkin and Anne Hathaway have now joined Jessica Chastain in Hollywood’s newest IT charitable cause. You hear that, Leonardo DiCaprio?! Scream at your pilot to divert your private jet from whatever environmental conference you’re headed to and fly to NYC for the inevitable JUSTICE4STRONG charity gala. Earlier this week, The New Yorker released a profile on Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall Roy on Succession, and a lot of it covers his serious acting process. Jeremy’s process isn’t Jared Leto levels of method creepiness, but he refuses to rehearse and he doesn’t completely turn his character off when a scene ends. People who have worked with Jeremy were interviewed including Jeremy’s current TV daddy, Brian Cox, who said that he worries about what Jeremy does to himself to prepare for a scene. Brian repeated that on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Seth Meyers by saying that he’s afraid Jeremy’s intense process will lead to early burnout.

The New Yorker piece wasn’t mean, but still, Jeremy’s friend Jessica Chastain put her on Captain Save-A-Method-Ho cap and called out the profile as “one-sided.” And now Aaron Sorkin and Anne Hathaway have both come to the defense of poor, persecuted Jeremy Strong. You know, because they hate that profile so much that they’re going to bring more attention to it so more people can read it!

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Anne Hathaway’s Ex, Raffaello Follieri, Said She Ghosted After He Was Arrested For Fraud In 2008

July 20, 2021 / Posted by:

Raffaello Follieri is a name you probably haven’t heard in a while if ever at all. The 43-year-old real estate developer dated 38-year-old Anne Hathaway from 2004 to 2008 when they suddenly ended things. At the time, Raffaello had been arrested for fraud and Anne was a budding A-lister, so clearly she had to drop his ass like a hot potato. And she sure did! Raffaello told The Daily Mail that the night of his arrest was the last time he spoke to Anne and she said she loved him. Once he was arrested, she left his ass in the dust after four years together without so much as a “Goodbye.” And to that, I say: “Good for her.” Ladies, if you want to ghost someone after they commit a felony, go right ahead. Something Camille Cosby should learn.

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