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Scarlett Johansson Told A Story About Woody Allen Being Unprofessional And Talked About Being “Groomed” To Be A “Bombshell”

December 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Well, it finally happened. One of Woody Allen’s last remaining muses has turned on him. In a new interview for her agent’s husband’s new podcast Table for Two, Scarlett Johansson ripped Woody a new one, effectively ensuring that he’ll never work in this town again! While discussing her experience working with Woody on the Barcelona set of Vicky Cristina Barcelona (FYI “he’s untouchable there,” “God-level” even), Scarlett revealed that Woody is such a goof; he once made the crew work overtime because his own hilarious dick joke so amused him, he couldn’t stop laughing. And since respecting the crew is Scarlett’s #1 priority after getting that bag and giving her name as “guest whenever she accompanies her husband Colin Jost to various awards shows, she really let Woody have it, admitting that because of his “giggles, giggles, giggles,” the resulting take that ended up in the film is “really not great.” OK, so it’s like #3.

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Scarlett Johansson Has Settled Her Breach Of Contract Lawsuit With Disney

October 1, 2021 / Posted by:

Right after Scarlett Johansson filed her breach of contract lawsuit against Disney over Black Widow’s release, Disney did the absolute most to make it seem like Scarlett had no case against them. And for a while, it really did feel like this was going to end up with Mickey Mouse in a courtroom trying not to bust out an arrogant “Ho ho” while testifying against her. Well, it looks like someone decided to make this situation disappear by reaching into his little red shorts and pulling out his checkbook. Because Scarlett Johansson has confirmed that she’s settled her lawsuit against Disney.

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Scarlett Johannson’s Attorney Slaps At Disney For Wanting To Move Her “Black Widow” Lawsuit Into Arbitration 

August 22, 2021 / Posted by:

Johnny Depp v. Amber Head, step aside (but watch for the turds). Angelina Jolie v. Brad Pitt, have a fucking seat. Because the newest Hollywood divorce fight between Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Mouse is getting messier. Disney wants to legally battle ScarJo behind closed doors, which is a little surprising to me since Mickey Mouse is a greedy bitch and you’d think he’d want to sell Pay-Per-View tickets to his oil wrestling match with ScarJo (I’m guessing that’s how they’re going to settle this mess). But ScarJo’s head lawyer, John Berlinski, wants the case to be fought in public and thinks that Mickey Mouse is shaking with fear over the truth being revealed!

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Scarlett Johansson Gave Birth To Her And Colin Jost’s Son

August 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Two seconds after Colin Jost confirmed the rumors that Scarlett Johansson was pregnant, Black Widow gave birth! That’s right… somewhere on this planet, there is a half-potato/half-tree hybrid baby. Scarlett’s rep revealed the big news with People, sharing that the couple “recently” welcomed their first baby together. Then Colin jumped on Instagram and wrote that it was a baby boy and “his name is Cosmo.” Cosmo is cute, I guess, but I thought they’d go for something more fitting like “Spruce Spud” or “Willow Tater” (although that’s clearly a girl’s name).

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Emma Stone’s Potential Lawsuit Against Disney Seems Highly Unlikely After She Signed On For “Cruella 2”

August 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Scarlett Johansson took a can of lighter fluid to the bridge she had with Marvel and Disney when she sued Disney for breach of contract over the simultaneous release of Black Widow in theaters and on Disney+. The move allegedly cost Scarlett millions of dollars in bonuses and she came after them hard, to which Disney tried to deflect just as hard. And Emma Stone, whose film Cruella got the same simultaneous release treatment, was reportedly thinking of suing them as well. Well, put a lid on that story because Emme just signed on for Cruella 2!

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Disney Calls Scarlett Johansson’s Lawsuit A PR Campaign, But SAG President Gabrielle Carteris Disagrees

August 9, 2021 / Posted by:

Last month, Scarlett Johansson filed a breach of contract lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company, accusing them of breaking her Black Widow release contract when they made the film available for streaming on Disney+ Premium Access on the exact same day as the film hit theaters. Disney originally responded to Scarlett’s lawsuit by calling her greedy and being selfish during a pandemic. Now, they’re accusing her of filing the lawsuit just to get a whole heap of attention for herself. However, Gabrielle Carteris, who is the current President of SAG-AFTRA, aka the actors union that represents Scarlett, has fired back on Scarlett’s behalf, accusing Disney of gender shaming and bullying with their responses.

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