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Here’s The Kubrick-Inspired Teaser Trailer For Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”

December 16, 2022 / Posted by:

In 2016 they offered us a live-action Barbie movie starring Amy Schumer and we said, “lol. No, thanks.” “Fine, Anne Hathatawy?,” they asked, and it being 2017 we said “look, we’re still trying to recover from Les Mis. Please leave us alone.” Then, like a year later, they said, “well, how about if Greta Gerwig writes and directs?” and we said, “whatever dudes, You do you.” Then they came back with “OK, so Greta’s definitely in and we are thinking Margot Robbie as Barbie? We getting warmer?” and we said, “we’re listening.” Then they said “Great! And as a reward for your patience, how about we give you Ryan Gosling as Ken” and we said “lol. OK, well in that case…

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Blue Ivy Carter Bid $80,000 On A Pair Of Beyoncé’s Old Earrings At Tina Knowles-Lawson’s Wearable Art Gala

October 24, 2022 / Posted by:

With Alec Baldwin’s career in a precarious position, it’s only right that a new Boss Baby should emerge from the wreckage. At the practically geriatric pediatric age of 10, Blue Ivy Carter is a hair too long in the baby tooth to retain the title, but she is well positioned to be crowned our nation’s premiere Mogul Middlegrader. Blue Ivy, accompanied by her entourage, which includes pop singer Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay Z, attended her granny’s little dress-up party over the weekend and made her presence known by bidding $80,000 for a pair of earrings at the 2022 Wearable Art Gala auction. Let one of Elon Musk’s looming babies fight it out with one of Nick Cannon’s predicted progeny for the title of Boss Baby. Blue Ivy is so far ahead of the game that she’ll be retired with a full pension before any of those babies coming up behind her even get a chance to check in with HR for their orientation.

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Mary J. Blige, Keanu Reeves, Zendaya, Joe Rogan And Kris Jenner All Made The Time 100 List Of The World’s Most Influential People

May 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Last year Prince Harry and Meghan Markle graced the cover of Time Magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world and since then, have done jack shit in the way of influence. They were featured in the Icons section, but those tricks can’t even launch an Instagram page let alone a revolution. So Time gave them the year off to get their shit together and Mary J. Blige has taken their place as the face of the Time 100’s Icons section. Mary shares the honor with Issa Rae, Keanu Reeves, Jon Batiste, and Adele plus a couple of people who actually worked for the accolade. And because you can’t even get the “Uh” out of Adele without James Corden popping up out of nowhere like a singing telegram sent by the devil himself, James wrote Adele’s intro and used it as an excuse to brag about her “singing in the kitchen, or belting at the top of her voice solely to make [his] children laugh.” It’s like, we get it, James, she’s your bestie. But if she’s so influential, then explain what happened to your career?

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The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Is Very Mad They Were Featured On “Insecure”

October 27, 2021 / Posted by:

The fifth and final season of Issa Rae’s HBO series Insecure is currently airing, and it’s gotten some viewers all fired up on social media. And not because they’re wondering what the Hell they’re going to do after Insecure comes to an end (the new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm might scratch that HBO awkward comedy itch, but for how long!?). It’s because some current and former members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority were positively incensed that a character from Insecure, Tiffany DuBois, has been wearing AKA colors and insignia. They were so mad, they took to all manner of social media to call out Issa and the actress who plays Tiffany, Amanda Seales, and HBO, and Insecure’s production team. They got so mad, some of them might escalate this situation to call out the inventors of the colors salmon pink and apple green. But Issa Rae isn’t having any of it, because it’s just a TV show! And as such, she also decided to do some damage control on social media.

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Issa Rae Got Surprise Married Over The Weekend

July 26, 2021 / Posted by:

Issa Rae never really struck me as a princess type but she got surprise married over the weekend in the South of France to businessman/banker Louis Diame wearing a custom Vera Wang gown and tagged White Eden Weddings “as seen on Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty, Brides & more” in her Instagram post announcing the news. It doesn’t get any more princessy than that! I guess rapping about your pussy doesn’t exclude one from wanting a fairy-tale wedding, so good for her!

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Issa Rae and Laura Dern Will Star In A Show About The Cabbage Patch Doll Riots

December 4, 2018 / Posted by:

The Hollywood Reporter says that HBO is doing a Cabbage Patch Doll-inspired project starring Issa Rae, of Insecure, and Laura Dern, of everything but especially Enlightened (a show I won’t ever let die), will executive produce and star in a limited series for HBO about the Cabbage Patch Doll riots of the early 1980s.

The series will be written by Issa, alongside Insecure writers Laura Kittrell and Amy Aniobi. The series titled The Dolls will be set in 1983 in two small Arkansas towns, and will focus on what happens after a Christmas Eve doll riot. The Dolls will reportedly “explore class, race, privilege and what it takes to be a good mother.

Xavier Roberts copyrighted his Cabbage Patch Dolls in the late 1970s, but they weren’t a huge, massive hit until they were given a big toy factory makeover in 1982. The Cabbage Patch Dolls we all know hit shelves in America during the holiday season of 1983, and people went wild. It was like as if Black Friday spent the whole day lifting weights and snorting coke, it was that aggressive.

Many stores like J.C. Penney, Sears, and Macy’s all a series of violent customer outbursts over the dolls, especially after upwards of thousands of customers spent time in line waiting for a doll they’d never get. They were called the Cabbage Patch riots, and some even involved weapons, like baseball bats. If Issa and Laura need any present-day references for their project, I suggest they make their way to Calabasas. Because the Cabbage Patch riots sounds a whole lot like the Kardashian compound when there’s only one vial of Botox left.



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