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The Questionable Choices Of The Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

August 12, 2019 / Posted by:

The Teen Choice Awards always draws a perplexing crowd of adults and very few actual teens. And the adults these unseen teens have chosen this year only reaffirms the stereotype that teens make questionable choices. And judging from some of these blue carpet looks, it’s not just the teen’s choices we should be questioning. Taylor Swift was awarded the first ever Teen Choice Icon award, and possibly a cease and desist letter from Barbra Eden for stealing her look. What else can I say, one day she looks like Pollyanna, the next day she looks like a rich older lady sitting at a bar in The Forum at Caesar’s Palace working on her fourth whiskey sour and her third husband. Do you like her outfit? She got it at Versayce.

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“Spider-Man” Tom Holland Has A Girlfriend

July 19, 2019 / Posted by:

We may never know if Tom Holland and Zendaya were ever really a thing, or it was all a PR stunt. Whatever it was, it’s over, and Tom is now shooting his spider-goo all over somebody’s else’s chest. Tom’s got himself an extra regular girlfriend named Olivia Bolton who’s been friends with his family “for years”. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything contractual about this union, but I am saying this romance seems about as organic as that Flaming Hot Cheetos sandwich from KFC.

According to The Sun, “Tom’s been dogged with rumours about who he’s dating so finally being public with Olivia has been a massive relief for him”, a perfectly normal reason for a 23-year-old burgeoning mega-star to date someone who looks like she could be his sister. Maybe Zendaya, the Little Disney Kid Who Could (Do Coke On TV), was a little too spicy/Mechee for Tom/his publicist.

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A Man Asked Zendaya Out On A Date During A Q&A For ‘Euphoria’

June 8, 2019 / Posted by:

When you’re shaking your ass on the promotion stroll for your television or movie project, the last thing you’re thinking of is having fun, because you’re basically at work. Yes, it’s work. I think. You have to answer the same questions over and over again and still find the strength to not roll your eyes each time. Some celebs are masters of this art form while others fail miserably every time (looking at you, Lindsay Lohan). However, those celebs should take a page out of Zendaya‘s book because she knows how to keep it classy when being asked silly questions. Even when the question is as random as, “You wanna go out with me??”

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Lindsay Lohan Slams Zendaya’s Met Gala Look As A Rip-Off Of Claire Danes’ Met Gala Look From 2016

May 8, 2019 / Posted by:

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that the black sheep of the Entertainment industry Lindsay Lohan has crawled out from underneath her bridge to participate in some good old-fashioned trolling after Monday’s Met Gala. She probably scoured the internet for hours picking apart each outfit she found until she came across Zendaya‘s Cinderella-themed look and shouted “A ha! This is how I’ll get attention!” because she is now claiming Zendaya’s entire look is the Market Pantry version of Claire Daneslight-up look from 2016’s Met Gala.

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Lupita Nyong’o Did Effie Trinket On Acid, Janelle Monae Had A Blinking Boob, And Zendaya Was Cinderella At The Met Gala 

May 7, 2019 / Posted by:

Some Met Gala outfits relied on pure glamour while others relied on equal parts ‘The Fuck?’ and ‘OMG!’ Three attendees this year, Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong’o and Zendaya put their spin on the theme “camp” brought more drama than twenty-four hours of watching Bravo without a bathroom break.

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Open Post: Hosted By Grace Jones Shutting Down Zendaya’s Tommy Hilfiger Show

March 3, 2019 / Posted by:

Set fire to the reign, Grace Jones! Zendaya has a line for Tommy Hilfiger and her show during Paris Fashion Week featured a homage to the seminal 1973 “Battle of Versailles” show which mainly featured models of color en masse for the first time. Zendaya’s show featured veteran black supermodels Beverly Johnson and Pat Cleveland, vitiligo activist/model Winnie Harlow, some actual plus-sized models (a first for Hilfiger) and 70-year-old GRACE JONES! Zendaya’s obviously ok with a step to the side because she let GRACE JONES walk her runway.

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