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Lady Susan Hussey, One Of THE QUEEN’S Ladies In Waiting, Resigned After Repeatedly Asking Black Charity CEO Ngozi Fulani Where She Was “Really” From

November 30, 2022 / Posted by:

In a totally shocking turn of events, one of the Royals did something racist. Introducing Lady Susan Hussey, THE QUEEN’S former Woman of the Bedchamber (a top lady-in-waiting), Lady of the Household (that’s the title King Charles gave her after THE QUEEN’S death), and Prince William’s godmother. Last night, 83-year-old Lady Hussey attended a charity event at Buckingham Palace, also attended by Ngozi Fulani. Ngozi runs Sistah Space, an East London non-profit that supports Black women affected by abuse. Ngozi says Lady Hussey approached her ten minutes into the event. She moved Ngozi’s hair (!!!) to look at her name badge and asked, “Where are you from?” Oh no. Ngozi answered, “Sistah Space.” Lady Hussey asked again. Ngozi answered that her charity was based in Hackney. But we all know that’s not what Lady Hussey meant. She wanted to know where Ngozi’s “people” “really” came from. “What part of Africa are you from?” Ngozi transcribed Lady Hussey’s horrifyingly racist line of questioning on Twitter. After the post went viral, the BBC reported that Buckingham Palace had released a statement saying that “the individual concerned” was sorry and had immediately resigned from her position. Prince William also made his own statement. He said, via a spokesperson, that “racism has no place in our society.” Racism? Bad? Groundbreaking.

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King Charles Hosted His First State Banquet As King

November 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Last night was King Charles’ very first state banquet as monarch. The dinner was held for South Africa’s visiting president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who was originally scheduled to make the trip in September. THE QUEEN’S death forced him to reschedule. This banquet was a very big deal (for people who actually give a rat’s ass about the monarchy), so the Royals decided to to bust out the big guns. Their version of “the big guns” is, of course, sparkly tiaras. Queen Consort Camilla wore THE QUEEN’S Belgian Sapphire Tiara and Kate Middleton wore Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot tiara. The King didn’t get to wear shit. He kept his dome diamond, sapphire, and hair-free. Continue reading

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries Will Debut Next Month After All

November 17, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s hard to believe that people, MYSELF INCLUDED, thought that the reign of King Charles III would be a flop. So it is with much humility and shame that I must commend him for the fortitude and bravery with which he has faced his toughest challenges as a monarch since outing himself as a feminine hygiene fetishist. From being portrayed by an egregiously more handsome man on The Crown, to ducking eggs like a nebbish third grader who inadvertently wandered into the middle of a dodgeball game, Chuckie Trips has handled himself with aplomb and barely even got ink in his mouth that one time he used that leaky pen. So I am now convinced that there is no storm that King Charles III can’t weather, and that includes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary series being released in time for Christmas, instead of next year as they reportedly wanted. Even if, as The Sun reports, Harry and Megan weren’t able to make the final changes they wanted to soften the blow in the wake of THE QUEEN’s passing. Now Charles, like Harry, Meghan and the rest of us, are just going to have to suck it up and raw-dog the truth. Consequences be damned!

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Apparently Tom Cruise and THE QUEEN Became Secrets Friends Before Her Passing

November 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Tom Cruise, the King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, and (insert every other royal title here) of Scientology, apparently was “secret friends” with THE QUEEN of England before her death at 96 in September. Not only does he play a special agent with super stealth skills in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but apparently, he treats his special friendships with a lot of secrecy as well. Sources claim Tommy and THE QUEEN (not to be confused with Tommy and THE QUEEF, aka Tom Cruise and David Miscavige) became friends over the summer. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, died last year, so shameless Tommy was probably trying to woo THE QUEEN into signing on to be his next wife!

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According To A Royal Author, King Charles Travels With A Teddy Bear And A Toilet Seat

November 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Royal author Christopher Andersen has a new book coming out next week called The King: The Life of Charles III. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christopher dished on some of King Charles’ weirdest quirks. Including the fact (err, allegation) that the 73-year-old travels with his childhood teddy bear and a custom-made toilet seat. Yeesh, I hope he doesn’t get those two mixed up.

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King Charles Will Sell 14 Of THE QUEEN’S Horses

October 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Everybody knows that THE QUEEN had three passions in life: gin, corgis, and horses. She loved riding them, breeding them, and watching them race (she made millions betting on races). At the time of her passing, Lizzie owned about 100 horses, and King Charles got to inherit all of them. Yesterday, the BBC reported that Charles decided to sell off 14 of the racehorses. Tattersalls auction house announced the news on Monday. One of the horses being sold is the filly Love Affairs. She was the Queen’s last winner at the Goodwood Racecourse, just two days before her September 8th death. Sooo, Love Affair is a cursed horse with a sinful name. Good riddance!

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