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Prince Philip Finally Apologized To One Of The Victims Of The Sandringham Car Crash

January 28, 2019 / Posted by:

The Mirror is reporting that Emma Fairweather, the passenger whose arm was busted in a car crash with THE QUEEN‘s husband, Prince Philip, finally got what she wanted: an apology, and she gave it directly to The Mirror, of course. But I guess that’s nice but like… was the apology written on money? Because the only apology I would accept from the Royal Family is spelled: P-A-Y-O-U-T. Continue reading

The Woman Who Was Injured In The Prince Philip Car Crash Is Screaming “Cover Up!”

January 21, 2019 / Posted by:

As we all know, Prince Philip got into a car accident last week with a Kia containing a woman, her passenger, and a 9-month-old baby boy in the backseat. Philip’s Land Rover flipped and the women in the Kia reportedly suffered some minor injuries (the baby is fine). You’d think that accident would be enough to get this 97-year-old man to stop driving, or at the very least drive with a seatbelt, but you’d be wrong twice! People is reporting that it looks like Prince Philip is trying to get a role in the next Fast & The Furious, because he was back out on the road and without a seatbelt two days after he first crashed his Land Rover.

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The Queen Was Spotted Driving Without A Seatbelt A Day After Prince Philip’s Crash

January 19, 2019 / Posted by:

The guy above is making the same grin and bear it “oh shit” face many of us were making upon hearing that Prince Philip and The Queen are both out driving around well into their 90s. And now, just one day after Philip’s Land Rover flipped in a crash, The Queen has been photographed flipping a virtual middle finger while driving without a seatbelt near the site of Philip’s accident. That Queen Elizabeth is one little sassy filly. Royals: they’re just like us (except they don’t need drivers licenses, can’t be prosecuted for breaking laws and seem to never die)!

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UsWeekly Says That Duchesses Kate And Meghan Had A “Heart To Heart”

January 3, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s a new year, and it’s the same old shit: Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate are still sucking up the news cycle. Well, them and Donald Trump.

Last year, the tabloids told us how Meghan is a bossy biddy who likes to make Kate cry in her spare time. Oh, and then there was how Kate was trying to glam it up to make more of a name for herself in the media. THE QUEEN was fed up with their shit and demanded they all spend Christmas together at their country estate. Part of the festivities included a happy walk to church to show how they’re suddenly all about sisterhood, but apparently behind doors there was a real heart-to-heart, trust fall, and the gals shared their real feelings.

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Prince Hot Ginge Has Given Up Coffee, Booze, And Tea. How Is He Functioning?!

January 2, 2019 / Posted by:

The main reason for why I’ve never gotten a woman pregnant is a little thing called “being gayer than a strawberry lube-scented fart out of a power bottom flamingo’s ass.” But now I know that the other reason why I’ve never gotten a woman pregnant is because as soon as she said the words, “Will you give up booze and coffee with me?“, I’d Billy Crudup her by leaving her pregnant ass for another trick, the other trick being hot rum coffee, of course. But not Prince Hot Ginge! PHG’s vodka-snorting days are so long gone that he actually broke up with the sweet nectar. And not only that, but he also temporarily ended things with coffee and tea after Duchess Meghan asked him to. Is PHG trying to give his memaw THE QUEEN a heart attack? Because that’s what might happen if he says “no thanks” to an offer of a gin or some tea.

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The Sun Claims The Queen Told The Bickering Duchesses To Cut Their Crap For Christmas

December 27, 2018 / Posted by:

When I heard Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine would end up spending Christmas together with THE QUEEN at her country estate, I figured their feuding would escalate to Kate snickering when Meghan sat down on a Whoopee cushion left on her chair, and Meghan would strike back by short-sheeting Kate’s bed. Alas, QE2 probably saw this coming and wasn’t about to have her Sandringham estate turned into hazing week at the Kappa Gamma house. Meghan and Kate were seen strolling en route to church looking like old chums, and The Sun’s creative writing interns say that wasn’t a coincidence.

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