Ciao Bellas!

June 30, 2023 / Posted by:

Where to begin?

Before I started writing for Dlisted, I was flying solo in my love for celebrity and entertainment. Sure, I have some friends who’ll entertain my gossip, but there are only so many times you can bring up Bethenny Frankel in conversation before you actually become more repetitive than Bethenny Frankel. Now here I am, five months after joining Dlisted, seduced by the fun of having a big, vivacious community to talk shit and laugh with, and I’m just going to miss this so SO much. I want to thank all of you for this wonderful and special experience- the writers, the readers, and of course, the man behind the curtain, Michael K! You’ve created such a special place.

If you wanna talk business or just rejoice when Lindsay Lohan has her baby, you can reach me at or my Insta @meeshmalka.

Well, friends, in the words of Countess Luann de Lesseps, “Be cool, don’t be all uncool.”

xoxo, Michelle

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Kelsea Ballerini Was Struck In The Eye By A Flying Object While Performing Onstage

June 29, 2023 / Posted by:

The douchebag concert-goer strikes again! Entertainment Tonight says that while performing on stage at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden yesterday, singer Kelsea Ballerini was struck directly in the eye with a bracelet that was hurled at them mid-song, making her the latest victim on a growing list of artists getting assaulted on stage, along with Bebe Rexha who had a phone thrown at her face cause some asshole “thought it would be funny.” Then an even bigger asshole slapped crashed the stage at an Ava Max show and slapped her!

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Jaden Smith Says His Mom Jada Pinkett-Smith Introduced Psychedelics To Their Family

June 29, 2023 / Posted by:

Psychedelics used as therapeutic treatment isn’t new, but Jaden Smith recently talked about how using them helped him develop deeper empathy. It also explains his tweets! Jaden admitted that psychedelics helped his relationships with his siblings after being introduced to them by his mom Jada Pinkett-Smith, who Jaden says has been using psychedelics for a “really, really” (emphasis on “really”) long time.” 

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Diana Jenkins Of “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Has Settled Her Defamation Lawsuit With Crazy Days And Nights

June 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Just when we thought we’d never hear from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills one season wonder Diana Jenkins ever again, the former housewife is licking her lips in victory after announcing the settlement of her defamation lawsuit against blogger Enty Lawyer who’s behind the blind item site Crazy Days And Nights which made claims throughout their website, social media page, and Patreon that Diana is involved in a sex trafficking ring linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

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Jennifer Lawrence Shuts Down Rumor That She And Liam Hemsworth Hooked Up While He Was With Miley Cyrus

June 28, 2023 / Posted by:

On Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Bravo daddy Andy Cohen graduated from stirring the pot between reality TV stars and moved on to the big leagues of stirring shit between A-listers! After asking Jennifer Lawrence to respond to rumors that Miley Cyrus’ song, Flowers referenced “a secret fling” that JLaw had with her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth while he was in a relationship with Miley. She was quick to deny deny deny.

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Tom Hanks’ Niece Had An On-Camera Meltdown On The Reality Show “Claim To Fame”

June 27, 2023 / Posted by:

Move over, Chet Hanks! There’s a new humiliating relative of Tom Hanks in town! The Oscar winner’s niece, Carly Reeves, had a full-blown on-camera meltdown on the ABC reality show Claim To Fame, bellowing in nepo baby agony after being booted off the show on the season 2 premiere, screaming, “I should have more camera time!” and went on a frenzied tirade so chaotic it made Chet look well-adjusted.

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