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The Trailer For “The Crown” Is Here And Judi Dench Calls The Show “Cruelly Unjust”

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

The fifth season of The Crown premieres November 4, and everyone and their QUEEN-lovin’ grandmum is in a tizzy. First, we heard that the Royals are nervous about the show covering all their 90s scandals, namely everything Princess Diana-related. And maybe they’re right to worry, cuz yesterday it was revealed that the show will cover King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s Tampongate. Yesterday also brought us an open letter to The Times UK, courtesy of an absolutely fucking pissed-off Dame Judi Dench. She calls the show “cruelly unjust,” and says she supports the campaign to add disclaimers about the show being fictional. Well, today, the trailer for Season 5 finally dropped, and there ain’t no stinking disclaimer. Watch out, Netflix, Judi’s comin’ for ya!

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“The Crown” Producers Are Stressing Out About Filming Princess Diana’s Death

October 13, 2022 / Posted by:

The fifth season of The Crown premieres November 9, and the Royals aren’t the only ones with their fancy knickers in a twist. Deadline reports that the show’s creatives are “on edge” about having to film Princess Diana’s death in Paris. At first I thought, “Shit, these guys really left it ’til the last minute!” But, nope. The scene is actually being filmed for the show’s sixth season. Creator Peter Morgan has confirmed the crash itself won’t be filmed, but the paparazzi car chase and immediate aftermath will. Ironically, one of their concerns is that real life paps will snap a picture of production recreating Di’s death and “create uproar in royal circles.” Everyone behind the scenes wants to handle the scene extra-sensitively, especially with the recent passing of THE QUEEN. Well, if they do fuck it up, big whoop. It’s not like the real-life Royals handled Diana’s death any better. Continue reading

Netflix’s “Diana: The Musical” Swept This Year’s Razzie Awards

March 28, 2022 / Posted by:

Spencer took home zero awards at last night’s Oscars, but over at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards, Princess Diana was a big winner. Just not for the reasons most Diana fans would appreciate. Or fans of musical theater. Or the kind of people who can celebrate a good mess-watch. Because Netflix’s Diana: The Musical swept this year’s show. And here I was thinking Bruce Willis was going to be the belle of the ball!

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THE QUEEN Confirms That Her Wish Is For Duchess Camilla To Become Queen Consort When Prince Charles Becomes King

February 6, 2022 / Posted by:

The QUEEN has been the head of the United Kingdom since 1952 which is a pretty long time to be in charge of anything (I can’t even manage babysitting my mother’s cat for a few days without breaking down). Knowing that her reign will eventually come to an end, the QUEEN recently made an announcement about the future of the monarchy. THE QUEEN made it clear that her wish is for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to be given the title of Queen Consort when the time comes. A million Princess Diana stans have collapsed in shock. I didn’t know Her Majesty was also a stunt queen!

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Open Post: Hosted By Another Look At Elizabeth Debicki As Princess Diana In “The Crown”

January 21, 2022 / Posted by:

The fifth season of The Crown has been filming since last summer, and this week new photos of Elizabeth Debicki as 90s Princess Diana dropped. So where will Elizabeth rank among all the recent Diana performances? Hard to say until we see her in action (the new season comes out in November), but my money’s on: pretty high. Even though the above pics are giving me shades of Gwyneth Paltrow on a school run, Elizabeth still looks more like Diana than Kristen Stewart. And she’s way better than that poor actress who was forced (at gunpoint!) to star in the so-bad-it’s-bad Diana: A New Musical. Continue reading

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t “Give A Shit” About The Oscar Talk Around Her Performance In “Spencer”

November 19, 2021 / Posted by:

Lady Gaga just had an aneurysm because Kristen Stewart–who is getting “Oscar buzz” for playing Princess Diana in the movie Spencer–said in a recent Variety podcast that she doesn’t “give a shit” about getting an Oscar. Gaga is probably writing a letter to the Academy now like: “Okay, so she’s taken her name out of the running–cross her off the list–it’s only fair.”

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