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Helena Bonham Carter Thinks Netflix Should Abdicate “The Crown” Immediately

February 2, 2023 / Posted by:

I guess Helena Bonham Carter hasn’t severed the psychic link between herself and Princess Margaret yet because Mags has got a message to share from BEYOND THE ROYAL VAULT (graves are for peasants, you fools!). She’s using everyone’s formerly favorite kooky aunt to deliver it. According to Variety, HBC sat down with The Guardian, and while she wisely declined to “contribute to the whole thing” surrounding Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, Princess Margaret’s eyes, ears and legs on earth burped up a message to Netflix that they should end The Crown now because it is no longer a “historical drama.” Oh, wait! Now I’m receiving a message from Mags! Please hold…. Yes, yes, sorry, OK, yes, got it!

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The Trailer For “The Crown” Is Here And Judi Dench Calls The Show “Cruelly Unjust”

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

The fifth season of The Crown premieres November 4, and everyone and their QUEEN-lovin’ grandmum is in a tizzy. First, we heard that the Royals are nervous about the show covering all their 90s scandals, namely everything Princess Diana-related. And maybe they’re right to worry, cuz yesterday it was revealed that the show will cover King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s Tampongate. Yesterday also brought us an open letter to The Times UK, courtesy of an absolutely fucking pissed-off Dame Judi Dench. She calls the show “cruelly unjust,” and says she supports the campaign to add disclaimers about the show being fictional. Well, today, the trailer for Season 5 finally dropped, and there ain’t no stinking disclaimer. Watch out, Netflix, Judi’s comin’ for ya!

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The Royals Attended The London Premiere of James Bond In “No Time To Die”

September 28, 2021 / Posted by:

You know the British Royal Family is pressed for some good PR because they have risked the very fabric of the monarchy by sending 4 of their highest ranking members to a movie premiere. And the movie is fucking cursed! I guess they’re running low on Egyptian antiquities to pilfer and instead decided to tempt the gods by sending Princes Charles and William, and Duchesses Camilla and Kate to go rub elbows with the Hollywood hoi polloi at the London premiere of No Time To Die, the James Bond movie that was supposed to have come out in 2019 and make Ana de Armas a star. And here we are, 2 years and 200 pap strolls later, and neither of those things has happened!

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Marcia Gay Harden Is Sorry For Suggesting Dame Judi Dench Was Bitter About Her Oscar Win

April 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Last week, Marcia Gay Harden dropped some vintage Hollywood tea and suggested that in 2001 when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscars for her performance in PollockDame Judi Dench felt snubbed! You see, Judi had been nominated for her performance in Chocolat and, I mean–an American movie with a French name? That’s an Oscar-winner bay-bee! But now Page Six says Marcia Gay is sorry and that her words were “misinterpreted.” Well, was Judi stomping around backstage whining “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” or wasn’t she?

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Open Post: Hosted By The Time That Dame Judi Dench Gave Her Goldfish Life-Saving Mouth-To-Mouth CPR

October 25, 2020 / Posted by:

Nothing like a weekend story about 85-year-old acting legend, Dame Judi Dench, putting her lips on a big, floppy…fish, and blowing it back to life. There’s a joke in there that I’m just not going to touch (unlike Judi, who would not only touch it but probably slobber all over it!).

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