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Open Post: Hosted By Kate Beckinsale Trying To Lick Her Crotch Like A Kitty

January 12, 2021 / Posted by:

Celebrities on Instagram during the pandemic. There’s that “desperate” January Jones, Hot Slut of 2020 contender Leslie Jordan, and, of course, Kate Beckinsale. Kate’s content usually concerns her furry friends: two Persian cats named Clive and Willow (whom she married [as in, officiated their wedding, not got hitched to her puss]), and Myf the Pomeranian pooch. In her latest video, Kate wears a cat face mask and sits on the floor of her art gallery bedroom beside Willow, who’s licking her own anus like a proper lady. Inspired, 47-year-old Kate attempts to do the same with her own human parts. And because she’s Kate Beckinsale, she’s doing it all in heels.

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Open Post: Hosted By Yeti The Skateboarding Pussy

November 17, 2020 / Posted by:

Pussies. They like to mirror their mommies and daddies. So if you’re super into, ohhh, I dunno, sleeping all day, binge-eating, and pooping in a box (the toilet’s too far, OK?!), your cat will probably follow suit. But if you prefer riding your skateboard around your beautiful Vancouver apartment, there’s a chance your kitty may become the next Tony Hawk Cat. That’s what happened to Yeti, the 4-month-old (prodigy!) white Himalayan kitten who took up skateboarding without any prodding or professional training. He just pushed the skateboard forward and hopped on for the ride. Piece of cake!

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