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Lil Nas X Might Collaborate With The Wiggles And Parents Are Pissed

January 5, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s been a while since┬áLil Nas X made headlines for corrupting the youths. That Satan lap dance was nearly two years ago. And his Grammy’s crotch grab was last spring. Is Lil Nas X losing his touch? Thankfully, the answer is no. A few days ago, the rapper posed for an Instagram pic with The Wiggles, and the mere suggestion that the Australian children’s music group might possibly collaborate with Nas sent concerned mothers into a tailspin. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?

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Lil Nas X Had Pizza Delivered To Homophobic Protesters Outside Of His Show

September 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Lil Nas X has no problem trolling anyone who dares deny his beautiful, black, gay magnificence and honestly if his rap career doesn’t pan out he would make a wonderful comedian. Because he’s a master of making light out of most situations he’s been through. And during a recent stop on his Long Live Montero world tour, Lil Nas took a cue from the Bible by feeding the hungry (attention-seeking homophobes protesting his concert) with a delivery of delicious pizza.

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Lil Nas X Says BET Made Him Swear He Wasn’t A Satanist Before Allowing Him To Perform At Their Awards Show Last Year

June 27, 2022 / Posted by:

The 2022 BET Awards were held last night, and if you know anything about this year’s ceremony, then you know that to Lil Nas X, BET stood for “Barred from Entry Tonight.” That’s because Lil Nas X was snubbed from this year’s award show. He received zero nominations, which was weird, considering he had three really big songs last year and a top-charting album. Lil Nas X recently spoke about his current relationship with BET, which is clearly pretty bad. But he thinks things started to go sour at last year’s ceremony.

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Lil Nas X’s New Music Video Goes After The BET Awards For Giving Him Zero Nominations

June 24, 2022 / Posted by:

Earlier this month, Lil Nas X called out the BET Awards on Twitter for giving him a total of zero nominations for 2022, despite the fact that he had “maybe 3 of the biggest songs of last year & a critically acclaimed album” (his words). It was especially rude considering BET nominated Jack Harlow for Best Male Hip Hop Artist. To put that into perspective, Nas’ album Montero was indeed lauded by critics (it has an 85 on Metacritic), while Jack’s sophomore effort was universally panned. Pitchfork said it was “among the most insipid, vacuous statements in recent pop history”). A few days later Nas tweeted: “this not over no bet award this is about the bigger problem of homophobia in the black community.” He added that “y’all can sit and pretend all u want but imma risk it all for us.”

Now the 23-year-old has taken a swipe at BET in his new music video, “Late to da Party (F*CK BET)”. First of all, there’s that title. Then there’s the opening lyrics: “Fuck BET, fuck BET, fuck BET!” The video also features Nas Photoshopping a picture of a pee-filled toilet containing the BET Award he won for “Old Town Road (Remix)” in 2019. It ends with him crashing his car into the BET Awards, getting on the stage, and singing “Fuck BET” while he throws money around. Hmmm. Can any academics try to decode the meaning of this video? Cuz I’m lost. Continue reading

Lil Nas X Called Out The BET Awards For Giving Him Zero Nominations

June 2, 2022 / Posted by:

I remember not too long ago when you couldn’t survive a week without someone criticizing Lil Nas X for either being too sexual or profane when we all know it was basically people finding ways of saying “It’s Too GAYYYYY!” without actually saying it. Lil Nas X faded into the background for a bit this year but still found time to shock and titillate audiences with dick-grabbing moments. Listen, I love to see it. Apparently, though, BET doesn’t. Doja Cat led the nominations with six noms and Lil Nas X got a total of ZERO and he let BET know how he feels about that.

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Lil Nas X’s Grammys Performance Featured Crotch Grabs And Some People Reacted As Expected

April 4, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Satan’s favorite lap dancer Lil Nas X but because the community circle-jerk extravaganza called the Grammys took place last night it was about time for him to make a reappearance. And of course, he was tame and reserved with his performance. Just kidding! You know he doesn’t do anything unless it causes homophobes (and Boosie) to begin throwing up their crosses like a scene from The Exorcist. But this time he had some assistance from his hot friend Jack Harlow as they took to the stage and literally turned their microphones into huge swinging dicks.

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