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Rainn Wilson Changes His Name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson To Protest Climate Change

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Metta World Peace, who?!

You know the guy who played Dwight in The Office? Well, forget his name forever. Great! Now, remember it again briefly, but just for this story: Rainn Wilson has changed his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson to protest climate change ahead of this week’s COP27 climate summit in Egypt. Variety reports that Rainn(fall?) made the switch on social media as a “cheap little stunt to help save Planet Earth.” It’s unclear if he plans to legally change his name. But if so, that’ll be $450 if you’re filing in California, Mr. Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson.

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Some “Saturday Night Live” Writers Are Rumored To Be Boycotting This Week’s Show In Protest Of Dave Chappelle Hosting

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Because of Dave Chappelle’s history of jokes that many find homophobic and transphobic, he’s since become the festering church fart many make a concerted effort to avoid (or try to swat into dissipation). His last Netflix special, The Closer, drew a great deal of ire and protest when it came out last year; and now Page Six reported that several Saturday Night Live staff writers are sitting out this week’s show as a statement of their disapproval of him being chosen to host. I mean, SNL has been sitting out SNL for about five years as it is, so this Saturday’s episode may be especially devoid of sketches that cause people to make quiet “mmph” sounds through their nostrils in acknowledgment that a joke was just attempted.

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Lil Nas X Had Pizza Delivered To Homophobic Protesters Outside Of His Show

September 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Lil Nas X has no problem trolling anyone who dares deny his beautiful, black, gay magnificence and honestly if his rap career doesn’t pan out he would make a wonderful comedian. Because he’s a master of making light out of most situations he’s been through. And during a recent stop on his Long Live Montero world tour, Lil Nas took a cue from the Bible by feeding the hungry (attention-seeking homophobes protesting his concert) with a delivery of delicious pizza.

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Jodie Sweetin Got Knocked Down By Police At A Pro-Choice Protest In Los Angeles

June 27, 2022 / Posted by:

Not too long after the dogshit decision by SCOTUS to overturn Roe v. Wade was made official on Friday, many people took to the streets to protest, both the famous and non-famous alike. And one of those famous types who was angry enough to pound the pavement in the name of body autonomy was none other than Stephanie Tanner herself, Jodie Sweetin. Jodie likely expected her time protesting might involve chanting “My body, my choice” or “HOW RUDE of you to restrict abortion access.” But the reality ended up being one in which Jodie was aggressively and unceremoniously knocked to the ground by LAPD. And we know this because it was filmed and the video was thrown up onto the internet for all to see.

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Raven-Symone Was One Of The Hundreds Of Disney Employees Who Walked Out In Protest Of Disney’s Inaction Regarding Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

March 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Today, The Disney Corporation is finally having to face the “exclusively gay moment” that live-action Beauty and The Beast director Bill Condon promised us several years ago, only now, that gay moment has an LGBTQIA+ posse and allies, and is threatening to become a movement. According to Forbes, hundreds of Disney employees staged a walkout today in opposition to Disney’s handling of  Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill which “bars instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade,” and would allow parents to sue school districts for any perceived infractions. 75 employees walked out and protested in front of Disney’s studios in Burbank, California, and another 100 protested outside of the Disney Animation Studios Building, also in Burbank. And if you’re saying to yourself “That’s so Raven!,” you’re absolutely right, because Raven-Symone also mounted a protest with cast and crew members of her current Disney show, Raven’s Home, as well. This all spells bad news for Disney CEO Bob Chapek who probably thought he could just pray the gay away as if that shit wasn’t already baked into Disney’s DNA.

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Oh, It’s Just French Actress Corinne Masiero Stripping Out Of A Donkey Costume In Protest At The César Awards

March 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Leave it to the French to douse a COVID-19-related protest with massive amounts of dramatique glamour!

Many headlines about this story say that 57-year-old French actress Corinne Masiero did herself up like Eeyore eating Carrie (no, not in a bestiality kind of way) and got naked at the César Awards to protest the continued closure of movie theaters due to le coronavirus. So when I read that, I nearly slid into an anti-mask Facebook group to let the “Karens” there know that this French Karené is showing them how a tone-deaf protest is really done. But those headlines apparently got it wrong.  Corrine’s bloody ass stunt was to call out the French government’s response to helping artists who are out of work because of the pandemic. And she did it while wearing a pair of stunning tampon earrings that’ll make you say, “Who knew that Prince Charles sold jewelry on Etsy!” NSFW WARNING: There are protestin’ nipples and cooch after the cut.

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