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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Marriage Certificate Is Finally Here!

August 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Since the rebirth of the love story and eventual Vegas marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Affleck (née, Jennifer Lopez), it seems like their publicity machine has been hard at work attempting to manufacture shits for anyone to give–just one solitary, single shit–but so far the most interesting thing about their union is that they’re the owners of a soda machine that dispenses both Diet Pepsi AND Diet Coke. They’ve definitely tried it though since linking back up: we heard about their Valentine’s Day gifts; our brainspace has been invaded with the knowledge that Ben proposed while Jen was in the bubble bath; we’ve been made privy to their love nest search. They even tried to bring some levity and relatability to the table when Ben’s son made a public and very bougie oopsie right in front of the paps. Alas, the quest to win over the people’s interest has gone about as well as Gigli did, so today’s news is that TMZobtained” (AKA JLo’s people sent over the receipts) their marriage certificate.

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Aubrey O’Day Claims That Ivanka Trump Is A Lesbian On The Shush And That Don Jr. Hates His Dad

October 23, 2020 / Posted by:

During last night’s final presidential debate, alleged catfishing chameleon extraordinaire Aubrey O’Day dropped another October Surprise by spilling shit she claims she knows about all of Donald Trump’s kids, except for permanent children’s table resident and LGBQIIA ambassador Tiffany Trump. This may be the only time when Tiffany is happy to be the Lea Michele to everyone’s Jessica Lange. This was a bold and brave move on Aubrey’s part because it reminded everyone that she fucked Donald Trump, Jr. more than once. I mean, I thought that the reason for Aubrey’s multiple face changes on Instagram was due to her wanting people to forget that she’s the Aubrey O’Day who opened up her coochie for THAT. But I guess not…

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Justin Bieber Brought Out The Receipts To Deny Sexual Assault Allegations

June 22, 2020 / Posted by:

Cans of RAID were put to use this weekend when allegations popped up about predatory famous roaches including one about the CAPTCHA-named smug thumb Ansel Elgort. A woman claimed that Ansel sexually assaulted her when she was 17 and he was 20 and she brought out DMs and a picture as evidence. Ansel responded to her allegation, painting her as a crazy ex-girlfriend who is now getting revenge on him because he ghosted her in 2014. Ansel’s accuser coming out with her story inspired another woman, who only went by Danielle on Twitter, to tweet about how Justin Bieber raped her in a hotel room in Austin in 2014. But Justin has defended himself. And he may look like a Nickelodeon Uncle Terry, but isn’t actually a rapist, so says The Biebs.

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Kevin Spacey’s Accuser Recorded The Alleged Sexual Assault On Snapchat 

December 27, 2018 / Posted by:

Oh, Snapchat, it’s not only used for you to send naked pics to your piece while the puppy filter half-disguises your face. It can also be used to get video proof of an Oscar-winning actor groping you without permission.

Kevin Spacey’s team of lawyers found out that 2019 is going to be very busy for them. Not only do they have to defend him in a sexual battery lawsuit brought on by a massage therapist (how very Travolta of him) and possibly prepares themselves for charges in London, but they’ve got a case in Nantucket to deal with. Kevin was charged with felony sexual assault after a man claimed that Kevin groped him at a restaurant in Nantucket in 2016 when he was 18. Police say the assault was recorded, but Kevin’s lawyers have fought back with some good old-fashioned vicim blaming.

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Vanity Fair Brought Out The Receipts

August 4, 2017 / Posted by:

We will all remember this day. My grandchildren will one day sit at my feet and ask “Gammy, do you remember when Vanity Fair called Angelina Jolie a liar by publishing a transcript of her interview?” And I will say, yes children, I remember. And of course I’ll be telling said story from a bunker 40 feet below the ground, because there’s no way Angelina Jolie won’t mentally trigger the apocalypse after this.

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Kim Kartrashian Actually Brought Out The Receipts That Exposed Taylor Swift (UPDATE)

July 17, 2016 / Posted by:

Here I was thinking that there was no way in this life or the next that my dream of getting tag-teamed by Prince Hot Ginge, Idris Elba and Alexander Skarsgard on a bed of Double Doubles would ever come true, but it might! Because Kim Kartrashian actually told the truth about something and that means absolutely anything is possible!

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