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Anthony Rapp And An Unidentified Man Are Suing Kevin Spacey For Sexual Assault

September 10, 2020 / Posted by:

Nearly three years ago, Kevin Spacey’s house of cards metaphorically came crashing down when BuzzFeed published an interview with actor Anthony Rapp, in which he accused Kevin of trying to molest him at a New York City house party in 1986. Kevin was 26, while Anthony was (deep, uncomfortable inhale through nostrils) 14. At the time, Anthony said he decided to publicly come forward with his story because, thanks to the #MeToo movement, people were finally feeling empowered enough to speak up after years or decades of silence. And also, because he went to a lawyer who told him he didn’t have a legal case. So going public with it was maybe as much empowerment as Anthony was going to get, even if his accusations came with a ton of online hate from Kevin’s fans.

As it turns out, there is a lawyer who believes Anthony has a solid case. Anthony and an anonymous accuser are suing Kevin Spacey for sexually assaulting them when they were underage boys.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged “Little Black Book” Of Celebrity Contacts Was Leaked By Anonymous

June 1, 2020 / Posted by:

Considering what we already know about the subject matter, you probably wouldn’t blame me if I said “fuck it” and wrote a 1,000 word review on the 2004 not-hit (I refuse to call it a bomb) Brittany Murphy rom-com classic Little Black Book. But this is about the information leaked about Jeffery Epstein by the hacker group Anonymous this weekend. Anonymous leaked what they claimed to be Jeffrey Epstein’s personal contact list, or “little black book,” which is a list of famous people he was allegedly friends with, traveled with, or invited to spend some time on his island. We’ve known for a long time that Jeffrey was friends with Prince Andrew and spent some time with Bill Clinton. Thanks to Anonymous, there’s a whole lot more famous people – like Alec Baldwin and Naomi Campbell – whose names are now publicly associated with Epstein.

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Kevin Spacey Compared His Situation To Those Who Are Out Of Work Due To The Coronavirus

May 6, 2020 / Posted by:

Finally, a celebrity who gets it! From one of the most unexpected of places, a German Oktoberfest podcast for venture capitalists called Bits & Pretzels, comes the empathy, compassion and perspective on the economic devastation of the coronavirus pandemic that’s been missing from so many other celebrity missives. In this moment in history, Kevin Spacey, man of the people, is the voice of the downtrodden and unemployed. Kevin said he understands what it’s like to have your world change overnight and to be told “that you can’t go back to work or that you might lose your job” due to a “situation that you have absolutely no control over.” Kevin delivered this powerful message with such force and conviction, you’ll find yourself weeping uncontrollably (from laughter).

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One Of The Lawsuits Against Kevin Spacey Has Been Dropped Because The Plaintiff Died

January 4, 2020 / Posted by:

I don’t know about you but one of the highlights of MY holiday season was cringe-watching alleged repeat sex offender Kevin Spacey’s latest bizarro and highly unnecessary video in which he appeared as the character he got fired from playing on a now-defunct tv show asking for global attention kindness during the holidays. Kevin Spacey was probably in a good mood because, according to the New York Times, his 2020 is starting off right. For him. The estate of one of his accusers has officially dropped the lawsuit that had been filed against him because the plaintiff died in September. There will probably be a video posted at some point of Kevin as Frank Underwood from House of Cards clinking congratulatory champagne flutes with Death at his New Year’s Eve party.

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Kevin Spacey Is Off The Hook For Allegedly Assaulting A Massage Therapist Who Died Before The Trial

October 29, 2019 / Posted by:

It seems like a lifetime ago when the massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault suddenly died of “natural causes” and was most certainly not pushed in front of a moving subway car. At the time, it was uncertain if the resulting lawsuit could continue absent the plaintiff. Well, according to TMZ, Kevin’s going to get away with it (“it” being having to stand trial, I’m not implying anything nefarious here people). Now he’ll just have to wait another 30-70 years for the rest of his accusers to die of natural causes before he can wheelchair into the sunset a free man.

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