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Ben Affleck Cheated On His True Love, Dunkin, By Grabbing Starbucks While Out With Jennifer Lopez

December 12, 2022 / Posted by:

Ben Affleck has spent the past few years making Dunkin iced coffee approximately 92% of his entire identity. He even went viral last year when he became a semi-relatable meme as he juggled a stack of rain-soaked packages (symbolic of the trials and tribulations of life, obviously) as his beloved Dunkin (which I interpreted as sanity) precariously sat atop them, poised to come crashing down at any second–while he also tried to prevent his pants from falling down (not everything has to be a metaphor; bitch just needs to spring for a belt). But Ben is a changed man now that he married his supposed human love, Jennifer Lopez, this past summer. He frolicked in Paris, is so at ease that he fell asleep while afloat on the Seine, and allowed J.Af to hold him hostage include him in her TikToks. But now, things must’ve gotten super-serious; because while on a recent outing with Jennifer, Ben canoodled with Dunkin’s mortal enemy: Starbucks.

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Jennifer Lopez Wants A Sequel To “Gigli”

December 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Just because Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married now doesn’t mean that she’s not going to milk their love, both past, and present, for some attention. JLo already announced that she’s doing a follow-up to her album This Is Me…Then called This Is Me…Now, and it’ll be inspired by her love with Ben. And now, she may be preparing a relaunch of another Bennifer 1.0 classic: the “film” Gigli. Jennifer suggests/jokes/teases/threatens to Vogue that the movie she’d love to make a sequel to is the box office and critical disaster Gigli.

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Jennifer Lopez Says That The Footage Of Her Serenading Ben Affleck At Their Latest Wedding Was Stolen And Shared Online Without Their Consent

August 29, 2022 / Posted by:

I would’ve bet the cost of an On The JLo newsletter subscription (it’s free) that the first Bennifer wedding leak we’d hear about was the one that Ben Affleck took out back next to the catering van, one eye closed so he could remain upright and avoid toppling over into his own powerful piss stream, cigarette (with 3 inches of ash) that he bummed from a busboy hanging from the side of his mouth. But, it turns out that the footage of Jennifer Lopez serenading Ben that we heard about on Friday was the first (admitted, non-urine) leak–because according to ET Canada, Jennifer commented on a fan’s Instagram post of the clip that it was supposed to be a private moment between the kind-of-recentlyweds, and that whoever took it shared it without their consent.

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During The Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Wedding Festivities On Saturday, His Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Shopped At Sam’s Club

August 22, 2022 / Posted by:

The 3-day long repeat nuptials of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally happened this weekend and reportedly went off without a hitch (besides Ben’s mom, Chris Affleck, falling off of a dock and cutting her leg). Having to go to a multiple-day, extravagant, all-white dress-coded, faux wedding on a faux Georgia plantation during a hot-as-balls August sounds like one half of a “would you rather” game question, and apparently, Jennifer Garner was playing along with all of us and clearly made the choice that she’d rather “go shopping at a West Virginia Sam’s Club on a busy Saturday” than attend the Bennifer 2.0 soiree–despite unconfirmed reports that she was invited– because according to TMZ, that’s exactly what she did.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Georgia Wedding Celebration Finally Happened

August 21, 2022 / Posted by:

The US’s version of a royal couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck descended on Georgia to bless the southern US with their true love by having a wedding. Yes, Jen is already technically Jennifer Lynn Affleck since they tied the knot in Las Vegas and, yes, they’ve already had a fancy camera-filled European honeymoon, but it’s not really a marriage until you throw an extravagant 3-day wedding for the Hollywood elite in a faux plantation! So those of you who got hitched in a courthouse or held a small ceremony with 50 of your friends and family, you’re not truly married.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Throwing Their 3-Day Wedding Party In Georgia This Weekend

August 16, 2022 / Posted by:

If Ben Affleck was annoyed over the number of paps on his and Jennifer Lopez’s Paris honeymoon last month, hopefully, he’s exercised more control over the logistics of their 3-day wedding ordeal set to happen at his Riceboro, Georgia estate this weekend. Ben and Jen already got quickie married last month due to Ben’s allegedly cold feet, but of course, a JLo wedding demands way more ostentation than a Vegas chapel at midnight can provide. And we already know, the couple has enlisted the early 2000s’ hottest party planner, Colin Cowie, to plan an elaborate affair worthy of their brand of tacky.

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