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A Source Says Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Fighting Over Finalizing The Purchase Of That $64 Million Home After Dropping Out Of Escrow

March 24, 2023 / Posted by:

Ben Affleck is a man who seems to know what he wants–whether it’s a watered-down iced coffee, just going the fuck home already, or a $64 million Pacific Palisades place to call home. But Jennifer Lopez is JLo, and being complacent and settling for only the third or fourth mega-mansion you’ve dropped out of escrow on would be setting the bar too Lo. And while most of the time, Ben seems happy to go with the JFlow and spend his days pretend-slumming it at Dunkin‘ and hanging out with his ex-wife’s super cool burger boyfriend, a source says he’s digging his heels in and wants to finalize the purchase of the $64 million Pacific Palisades estate, so he has a stable place for his struggle packages to be delivered to even though Jen has fallen out of love with it and wants to continue the search for the perfect enormous, cold warehouse to fill with her non-negotiable white roses and delusions of living the perfect love story.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have Fallen Out Of Escrow For A Third Time

March 22, 2023 / Posted by:

Please hold some space in your heart today for Ben Affeck and Jennifer Lopez’ real estate agents; it’s hard out here for a property pimp. TMZ reports that Ben and Jen have fallen out of escrow, for a third time in a year, on the $64 million Pacific Palisades mansion they decided to buy just couple of weeks ago. Maybe the recent rains in southern California revealed cracks in the foundation. Of the house! The house, people! Ben and Jen are more in love today than they were 13 days ago when they signed the contracts. But for whatever reason, it’s back to scouring Craigslist or however they do it, because their search for a Perfect 10 continues.

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Ben Affleck Says He Doesn’t Blame Jennifer Garner For His Alcoholism

March 18, 2023 / Posted by:

During that interview with The Hollywood Reporter where Ben Affleck said “fuck no” to directing a DC movie under James Gunn and claimed he had a really good time with Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys (uh huh), he also talked about a side eye-inducing comment he made about his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in 2021 during an interview with Howard Stern. Back then, he said that if he were still married to Jennifer Garner, he’d probably still be married to the bottle too. But because Ben obviously doesn’t want to get jumped by Jen’s BFF Victor Garber, he’d like to clarify what he meant.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are In Escrow Again; This Time For A $64 Million Pacific Palisades Mansion

March 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Jennifer Lopez, 53, and Ben Affleck, 50, haven’t just been spending their time making each other miserable lately; they’ve also spent a great deal of time probably infuriating the many real estate agents and home sellers of Pacific Palisades; because Ben and Jen’s quest for a love nest has been tumultuous at best. They’ve been in and out of escrow on houses probably more times than Ben’s been in and out of Jennifer since their blessed union. As we know, they just scrapped plans to buy a $34.5 million abode last week, and it’s safe to assume it’s because something bigger and better came along since they were seen creeping around the neighborhood even after entering into escrow on it. Enter: a nearby $64 million mega-mansion that had just hit the market, and now they’re in escrow on that one.

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Perpetual House Hunters Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Fell Out Of Escrow On A $34.5M Pacific Palisades Home

March 6, 2023 / Posted by:

Marriages and couple’s tattoos are merely fleeting, temporary symbols of love. But joint home ownership takes real commitment, and even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are more deeply in love than any couple has ever been at any point in human history, they still can’t seem to work up the nerve to hold hands and “jump the curb,” as they say. Even serial playboy Pete Davidson is laughing at their hesitation to make it official in the eyes of the State of California Franchise Tax board.

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Jennifer Lopez Shared Her And Ben Afflecks’ New Hims And Herses Valentine’s Day Tattoos

February 15, 2023 / Posted by:

Nobody with eyes (or ears) is ever going to doubt Jennifer Lopez’s commitment; be it to an aesthetic (sexy lady), a brand (Herses), a bit (TL4E) or her (current) relationship. So it should be no surprise that JLo used the Valentine’s Day holiday to reinforce all her commitments at once by sharing herses new couple’s tattoos with hubby Ben Affleck, dispelling any suggestion of trouble in paradise. If Ben proposed she gets a phoenix back piece to match his, then he doesn’t know Jen like we know Jen. JLo kept it cute with “an arrow piercing an infinity sign made up of her and Ben’s names” on her ribs (please nobody tell her Shotgun Wedding costar-for-a-day Armie Hammer!), according to E! News. And Ben got one of crossed arrows “with the couple’s first initials” I think, in his armpit.

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