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Jennifer Lopez Wants A Sequel To “Gigli”

December 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Just because Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married now doesn’t mean that she’s not going to milk their love, both past, and present, for some attention. JLo already announced that she’s doing a follow-up to her album This Is Me…Then called This Is Me…Now, and it’ll be inspired by her love with Ben. And now, she may be preparing a relaunch of another Bennifer 1.0 classic: the “film” Gigli. Jennifer suggests/jokes/teases/threatens to Vogue that the movie she’d love to make a sequel to is the box office and critical disaster Gigli.

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Jennifer Lopez Loves Love And The Tradition And Romance Of Taking Ben Affeck’s Last Name

November 8, 2022 / Posted by:

The power pose is back, bitches! But with a softer, gentler twist thanks to L.O.V.E., both the concept, and in all likelihood, the name of JLo’s next fragrance offering. Jennifer Lynne Affleck covers this month’s issue of Vogue, which was shot by Annie Leibovitz, but I’m fairly certain Tyra Banks was brought in to direct the shoot. Because even though Jen’s dressed in the flowing silk softness of a hopeless romantic, the close-ups of her exposed feet belie a strength that can only be gained from embarking on an arduous “journey of self-discovery.” So yes, Jen may be the “kind of girl” for whom taking her husband’s last namestill carries tradition and romance,” but she’s not afraid to “Get loud!,” especially now that she’s got a new album to sell that “serves as a kind of bookend to This Is Me…Then, the album she released 20 years ago in the heady early days of her relationship with Affleck.” That’s Ben Affleck, by the way. As in the Mr. Affleck to her “green neon sign whose soft cursive reads ‘Mrs. Affleck’” that hangs in her dressing room.

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Jennifer Lopez Shared A Ton Of Photos From Her And Ben Affleck’s Georgia Wedding In Her Newsletter

September 2, 2022 / Posted by:

As Ben and Jennifer Lynn Affleck continued to terrorize store clerks in Italy, Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide probably experienced a rush of customers this week looking to bring a little JLo glamor into their lives after Jen shared AUTHORIZED photos of their Georgia wedding reception’s “rustic country-chic” decor and her myriad outfit changes to subscribers of her On the JLo newsletter. I pity the poor BB&B employees across this great nation who had to tell hoards of Bennifriends that Jen had already cleaned them out of every stitch of Live, Laugh, Love merchandise, and in fact, caused an international shortage of that font. And now People has the pictures so hopefully, folks will be satisfied with throw pillows and distressed wood signs that read “Love Never Fails” in a Papyrus font instead, at least until Avatar 2 comes out and there’s a run on that font too. After that Bennifriends are down to the dregs, and there’s really nothing funny or romantic about “Love is Patient” written in Comic Sans. OK, it’s kind of funny.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Keep It Moving On Their Second Honeymoon In Italy

August 24, 2022 / Posted by:

Since Ben and Jennifer Lynn Affleck’s perfectly pristine, nearly-flawless fairytale wedding this past weekend, we’ve only seen pictures from Vogue of her three Ralph Lauren gowns. So as the entirety of humanity breathlessly awaits the release of the official photos of both Ben and Jennifer, the couple of flesh-covered skeletons teeming with bacteria at the center of this Love Story to End All Love Stories should, by dictate of biology and common sense, be taking a break from all the publicity to hydrate, sleep, satisfy their sexual urges and maybe have a little easily digestible food. Nothing too spicy or stimulating, they’ve been burning the candle at both ends for far too long. Ben and Jen are, after all, only human despite what you may have heard …*sotto voce* On the JLo. But alas, duty awaits and nothing short of a coordinated couple’s coronary is going to stop these two from spreading their love all the way from Las Vegas to Lake Como where Ben and Jen are currently on their second honeymoon. I say “couple’s coronary” because if Ben were the only one to go down, Jen would absolutely Weekend at Bernie’s his ass up and down Italy until she’s ready to announce her tragic widowhood…*sotto voce* On the JLo.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Georgia Wedding Celebration Finally Happened

August 21, 2022 / Posted by:

The US’s version of a royal couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck descended on Georgia to bless the southern US with their true love by having a wedding. Yes, Jen is already technically Jennifer Lynn Affleck since they tied the knot in Las Vegas and, yes, they’ve already had a fancy camera-filled European honeymoon, but it’s not really a marriage until you throw an extravagant 3-day wedding for the Hollywood elite in a faux plantation! So those of you who got hitched in a courthouse or held a small ceremony with 50 of your friends and family, you’re not truly married.

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An Ambulance Was Called To Ben Affleck’s Georgia Estate Before His And Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Celebrations

August 19, 2022 / Posted by:

There are plenty of good reasons not to have your wedding at a plantation, even a faux one like Ben Affleck’s Riceboro, Georgia estate where Ben and his wife Jennifer Lynn Affleck are currently hosting 3-days of post-nuptial nuptials. If you’re planning on saying your “I Do Agains” in a place where the main residence is affectionately called “the Big House,” and your name is not Joe Exotic, you can pretty much guarantee your ass is gonna get haunted. It’s only day one of Bennifer’s second big day and Ben’s already paying the price for his slave-owning ancestors. The Daily Mail reports that just as guests started to arrive for the couple’s rehearsal dinner, an ambulance arrived. At first, it was reported that an unidentified child injured their arm, but it was actually Ben’s mom, Chris Affleck, who fell off his dock and cut her leg.

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