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Jude Law Used A Blood, Sweat, And Poop-Scented Perfume To Play King Henry VIII In “Firebrand”

May 23, 2023 / Posted by:

If you thought actors were obnoxious when deciding to go “method,” then get ready because Jude Law is here to take method acting to a very visceral level. While promoting his new movie Firebrand at Cannes, Jude revealed that he wore a special perfume that reeked of “blood, fecal matter, and sweat” in order to recreate the pustulous wounds of King Henry VIII, who he plays in the film. I mean… that’s gotta be an OSHA violation; where was this filmed?! But his co-star Alicia Vikander is probably thankful that he’s covering up her nose in that pic.

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Nancy Meyers Denies Reports That There’s Going To Be A Sequel To “The Holiday”

December 6, 2022 / Posted by:

This morning, The Sun reported that there was going to be a sequel to The Holiday (2006), and all the main cast members had signed on to reprise their roles including Kate Winslet, the semi-retired Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law (aka Britain’s answer to Nick Cannon). But before rom-com fans could celebrate, that no-good Grinch Nancy Meyers took to Instagram to ruin the fun. 72-year-old Nancy, who wrote and directed the original movie, added this caption to a screenshot of the “news” story: “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true.” Then she limited Instagram comments, probably because she was getting death threats from horny Jack Black fans. They call themselves “Jackers,” and they’re TERRIFYING.

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Billie Eilish And Her Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford Made Their Red Carpet Debut At The LACMA Art + Film Gala

November 7, 2022 / Posted by:

A successful, independent young woman like Billie Eilish can’t be expected to go around twinning with her brother every time she’s got a red carpet event to dress for. In fact, it starts to look a little weird after a while. Billie seems to understand that now and used the annual LAMCA Art + Film Gala to take the opportunity to make her twinning red carpet debut with her boyfriend, The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford. Unfortunately, Billie chose the wrong event because there was another set of twins on the red carpet that not only completely eclipsed the stars in attendance, but they also eclipsed the very moon and sun that shine above. Sure Billie and Jesse looked cute shrouded in a Gucci comforter over matching Gucci pajamas, but even one unprotected glance at Salma Hayek’s twin gaseous orbs has the power to render the viewer blind.

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“Fantastic Beasts 3” Had The Lowest Opening Box Office Of Any “Harry Potter” Movie To Date

April 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Pour one out for J.K. Rowling, whose cup used to runneth over with cash, but now merely dribbles over with cash in slightly smaller denominations. Variety reports that Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the third film in the FB franchise, has opened to the lowest box office debut of any Harry Potter related movie to date. And by “pour one out” I mean, empty the rest of whatever swill you were drinking before cause we’re popping bubblies! Because even if J.K. is just $1 poorer for it, haha, serves her right. We may not be able to cancel” her, in the modern sense of the word, but at least we can act a little smug about the fact that FB3 only made “a muted $43 million” in its domestic box office debut, down from $74M and $62M made by its 2 predecessors. At this rate, by the time Fantastic Beasts 8: The Menstruating Machlyes comes out, she’s going to be so poor she can’t even afford free speech!

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Sienna Miller Talked About Playing A Wife That’s Been Cheated On

April 5, 2022 / Posted by:

Sienna Miller stars in the upcoming Netflix series, Anatomy of a Scandal. She plays the wife of a British politician who’s accused of rape by a colleague he had an affair with. Obviously, Sienna is no stranger to public cheating scandals. Back in 2008 she and Balthazar Getty hooked up while he was married with four kids (he stayed with his wife). But obviously, the iconic Sienna scandal is NannyGate 2005 (not to be confused with NannyGate 2015). Sienna’s then-fiancé, Jude Law, cheated with his kids’ nanny and had to issue a public apology to Sienna. And, in a recent interview with Elle UK, Sienna talked about how she could relate to playing a wife who gets cheated on.

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Jude Law’s Sixth Child Has Been Born

September 15, 2020 / Posted by:

Jude Law and his 32-year-old psychologist wife, Dr. Phillipa Coan, recently welcomed their first child together. Gender and name unknown. Just refer to it as “Jude Law Offspring #6”, because this baby marks half a dozen little Laws, that we know of. Jude has three kids with his first wife, 55-year-old Sadie Frost: actor/musician Rafferty, 23, Iris, 19, and Rudy, 18. He also has an 11-year-old daughter, Sophia, with ex Samantha Burke, and another daughter, 5-year-old Ada with ex Catherine Harding. So that’s four mothers, six children, two official wives, and one virile hunk full o’ spunk.

Jude revealed the big news during a remote interview on The Tonight Show. After discussing his beard and new love for growing wisteria, he casually slipped in, “Oh, and on top of that, I had a baby!”

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