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Ben Affleck Reportedly Picked Up More Than $10 Million For His Super Bowl Dunkin’ Commercial

February 14, 2023 / Posted by:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez‘s Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl commercial was teased ahead of its release during the big game and when it came on, I’m not gonna lie to you, I giggled. Just a bit! Just a little; seeing that glint in Ben’s eye as he was finally in a location that brought him joy made me smile after seeing him want to perform seppuku at the Grammys the week previous. And that smile might not just be from Ben being in his natural habitat of a Dunkin; Bennifer also earned shit tons of money for the ad. Ben showing up in a half-minute commercial reportedly earned him over $10 million. So cute how cosplaying a drive-thru worker earns millions but the actual workers can’t pay rent!!!

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Jennifer Lopez Wants A Sequel To “Gigli”

December 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Just because Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married now doesn’t mean that she’s not going to milk their love, both past, and present, for some attention. JLo already announced that she’s doing a follow-up to her album This Is Me…Then called This Is Me…Now, and it’ll be inspired by her love with Ben. And now, she may be preparing a relaunch of another Bennifer 1.0 classic: the “film” Gigli. Jennifer suggests/jokes/teases/threatens to Vogue that the movie she’d love to make a sequel to is the box office and critical disaster Gigli.

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An Ambulance Was Called To Ben Affleck’s Georgia Estate Before His And Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Celebrations

August 19, 2022 / Posted by:

There are plenty of good reasons not to have your wedding at a plantation, even a faux one like Ben Affleck’s Riceboro, Georgia estate where Ben and his wife Jennifer Lynn Affleck are currently hosting 3-days of post-nuptial nuptials. If you’re planning on saying your “I Do Agains” in a place where the main residence is affectionately called “the Big House,” and your name is not Joe Exotic, you can pretty much guarantee your ass is gonna get haunted. It’s only day one of Bennifer’s second big day and Ben’s already paying the price for his slave-owning ancestors. The Daily Mail reports that just as guests started to arrive for the couple’s rehearsal dinner, an ambulance arrived. At first, it was reported that an unidentified child injured their arm, but it was actually Ben’s mom, Chris Affleck, who fell off his dock and cut her leg.

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While Ben Affleck Galavants In Paris, Jennifer Garner Is “Getting Quite Close” With Her Burger Boyfriend

July 27, 2022 / Posted by:

For the past four years, Jennifer Garner and her Robot Burger Man, CaliBurger CEO John Miller, have been “getting serious. In that same span of time, her ex Ben Affleck has gone from “beaming” with Ana de Armas, to being “head over heels in love and in this for the long term,” with Ana, to being “in different points in their lives” with Ana, to being “a perpetually glum cuckold” with Ana, to talking about being having felt  “trapped” in his marriage to Jennifer, to being “just friends” with Jennifer Lopez, to having enabled the the first clear shots with JLo on a balcony, to being “madly in love” with JLo, to “looking at massive homes” with JLo, to being “in it for the long haul” with JLo, to exchanging “shock nuptials at a Las Vegas wedding chapel” with JLo, to “sleeping with his mouth wide open in public” on his honeymoon with some woman named Jennifer Lynn Affleck. However, Jen the First is catching up quickly! Us Weekly reports that she and John are now “getting quite close!

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Honeymooning In Paris

July 22, 2022 / Posted by:

Cold Feet no more! Ben Affleck’s been warming his footies by slapping the white-hot pavement on the ho-stroll friendly streets of Paris with his “for betternew bride, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck, “for worse” known as Jennifer Lopez. Even though it seems like Mr. and Mrs. Affleck have been in the honeymoon stage of their relationship since Jen was practically still engaged to A-Rod, they’ve made it official by taking their literal honeymoon to the most obvious place on the planet. When you’re as busy as these two, who has time for originality? Jen probably makes these decisions on the fly by playing word association with one of her assistants. Quickie wedding to lock it down: “um, um, um, Las Vegas drive-thu!” Good! Next, name a honeymoon location with excellent pap coverage: “Paris!” Perfect, you nailed it! Now, here’s a tough one: People Magazine cover worthy wedding venue: “C’mon, that’s easy. Ben’s plantation-style Big House in Georgia, duh.” Um, want to try that one again, Jen? No? Just gonna go ahead with that one? Are you sure? OK lady, you’re the boss.

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Just Call Her JAf! Jennifer Lopez Has Changed Her Name To Jennifer Affleck After Marrying Ben Affleck In Las Vegas

July 18, 2022 / Posted by:

As you already know because the information was beamed into all of our heads via the CERN portal, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married over the weekend. But PLOT TWIST, they didn’t get married in a four-day $100 million wedding extravaganza that was streamed live on Netflix. No, instead, they married like peasants in a low-key quickie Las Vegas ceremony, and probably so they could say, “See, we can marry like you peasants too!” And after marrying Ben, “JLo” is gone. She’s changed her name to Jennifer Affleck. JAf? Jennifer as fuck? ….Mehhh, it’s not the same.

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