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Open Post: Hosted By Aubrey Plaza Flipping Off The Jumbotron At A WNBA Game

June 22, 2023 / Posted by:

On Tuesday night, Aubrey Plaza went to a WNBA game to watch the Los Angeles Sparks take on the Minnesota Lynx. At one point, someone stuck a camera in Aubrey’s face and put her on the Jumbotron. But The Huffington Post says Aubrey didn’t appreciate her little cameo. Or maybe she did, and she was feelin’ sassy. Either way, Aubrey flipped off the cameras. Whoa, whoa, whoa. The only bird that should be at a basketball game is a Larry Bird (this joke was brought to you by me Googling to double-check if Larry Bird is a basketball person). Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By Aubrey Plaza’s Ad For “Wood Milk”

April 24, 2023 / Posted by:

Back in the ’90s, those “Got Milk?” ads had everybody chugging the white stuff by the carton (or the bag, if you’re Canadian). But, in recent years, dairy milk sales have declined, due in part to the growing popularity of plant-based milks like soy, almond, and oat. Enter Aubrey Plaza. AdWeek reports that she’s starring in a commercial for something called “wood milk”. It’s the world’s “first and only milk made from wood”, and, if that sounds gross, don’t worry; it’s completely made up. The ad is actually a parody of plant-based milks from MilkPEP (the Milk Processor Education Program). Yep, Aubrey’s helping Big Dairy get back on their hooves. Continue reading

Aubrey Plaza Looked Visibly Annoyed While On Stage With The Cast Of “The White Lotus” To Accept A SAG Award

February 27, 2023 / Posted by:

And the whole world replied, “that’s just how she always looks!” But this time, there seemed to be conviction and venom behind her signature stank face as she and all 870 members of the cast of season two of The White Lotus took the stage to accept their SAG Award win. Viewers speculated that her extra-sour attitude might’ve been in response to her being alerted to an almost-wardrobe malfunction and then getting almost-elbowed in her already sour puss by rogue huggers.

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Shia LaBeouf Stepped Out In Grecian Goddess Drag On The Set Of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Megalopolis”

January 19, 2023 / Posted by:

Well, I guess we know why Francis Ford Coppola‘s partially self-funded passion project Megalopolis’ production budget is so high and why he fired his entire VFX team and his art department walked out en masse citing creative differences. Judging from new photos from the Atlanta set taken this week, Captain Francis is going to need a bigger boat (load of money) if he hopes to land his white whale because there aren’t enough effects, special, practical, or otherwise, to turn Shia LaBeouf into a Greek Goddess that anybody would pay a single red hemitetartemorion to see on the big screen. I’m looking at this shit on a little ole’ computer screen and I’m repulsed. If this is Megalopolis, throw it back. It’s clearly diseased! I’ll take The Meg(alodon) 3, 4, and 5 over this fishy mess any day.

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Cate Blanchett Calls For The End Of Televised Awards Shows While Accepting A Critics Choice Award On The CW…

January 16, 2023 / Posted by:

The Critics Choice Awards aired on The CW last night, and a not-so-surprising guest crashed that shit like, “Bitch, I’m STILL here.” I’m talking about COVID-19. Nominees Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as presenter Michelle Pfeiffer, had to sit the show out after testing positive for Coronavirus. COVID-19 didn’t fuck with Cate Blanchett, though. She showed up to last night’s ceremony, won Best Actress for her performance in Tár, and used some of her time on stage to praise all actresses in the business and also declared that we need to finally call the time of death on the “televised horse race” known as awards shows. And then Cate galloped away with her Critics Choice Award in hand to place it right next to her two Oscars, three BAFTAs, four Golden Globes, three SAG Awards, and many other horse race prizes.

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Aubrey Plaza Says She Weirded Out Robert De Niro While Shooting 2016’s “Dirty Grandpa”

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in 2016, Aubrey Plaza and Robert De Niro co-starred in the gross-out comedy Dirty Grandpa (not to be confused with Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa). 79-year-old Robert played a horny old grandfather, and 38-year-old Aubrey played a horny young woman who wants to bang him. Fast forward to now: Variety reports that, at a recent talk at the London Film Festival, Aubrey reflected on her working relationship with Robert De Niro. She says she remained in character during the shoot, and that meant “acting totally insane.” So insane that Aubrey’s agent heard a rumor that “Bob’s a little freaked out.” Damn, Aubrey’s “method” acting weirded out Robert De Niro? A man who got a cab license for Taxi Driver? Who gained 70 pounds for Raging Bull? Choices…

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