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Aubrey Plaza Says She Weirded Out Robert De Niro While Shooting 2016’s “Dirty Grandpa”

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in 2016, Aubrey Plaza and Robert De Niro co-starred in the gross-out comedy Dirty Grandpa (not to be confused with Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa). 79-year-old Robert played a horny old grandfather, and 38-year-old Aubrey played a horny young woman who wants to bang him. Fast forward to now: Variety reports that, at a recent talk at the London Film Festival, Aubrey reflected on her working relationship with Robert De Niro. She says she remained in character during the shoot, and that meant “acting totally insane.” So insane that Aubrey’s agent heard a rumor that “Bob’s a little freaked out.” Damn, Aubrey’s “method” acting weirded out Robert De Niro? A man who got a cab license for Taxi Driver? Who gained 70 pounds for Raging Bull? Choices…

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David O’Russell’s Star-Studded “Amsterdam” Tanked At The Box Office

October 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Billy Eichner may have seen this news and relaxed after calling out the Straights™ for not buying tickets to his gay romantic comedy Bros, which bombed at the box office. Because well, David O’Russell‘s Amsterdam bombed hard too. The star-studded film had a production budget of $80 million but only made $6.5 million at this past weekend’s box office. It did worse in theatres than Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

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Robert De Niro Injured His Leg While Filming “Killers Of The Flower Moon”

May 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Everyone knows it’s a tradition in show business to wish “Break a leg!” to an actor before they hit the stage, but we also know it’s just a phrase that isn’t meant to be taken literally. The bad news for Robert De Niro is that that phrase probably seems like more of a curse or a jinx than a cute remark. Because he literally busted his leg while working on Martin Scorsese’s new film Flowers of the Killer Moon.

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Robert De Niro Claims He’s Overworking Himself Because His Estranged Wife Keeps Spending His Money

April 19, 2021 / Posted by:

We’re back again with another messy update on Robert De Niro’s ongoing divorce from his estranged wife Grace Hightower. Robert has continually accused Grace of acting like a human Hoover and sucking up every last dime in his bank account, and it was previously reported that Grace’s spending forced him to take crappy film roles just for the pay check. The latest allegation from Bobby D is that even working round-the-clock on those crappy gigs, he’s still not making enough money. Dear science: please find a 25th hour in the day, so Robert De Niro might have a fighting chance to prevent his finances from dipping into the red.

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Woe Is Robert De Niro Who Claims That He’ll Be “Lucky” To Make $7.5 Million This Year Due To The Pandemic 

July 10, 2020 / Posted by:

Now for a heartbreaking story that will fill you with the sads. Robert De Niro was forced to cut his ex-wife’s monthly American Express limit from $100,000 to $50,000. Said ex, Grace Hightower, who he split from in 2018, responded by requesting an emergency order to raise her allowance back up to six figures.

But Robert says he’s taken a massive financial hit during the pandemic because the Nobu restaurants and luxury hotel he has stakes in have been closed (or partially closed) since March and aren’t making any money. Despite the Nobu brand receiving between $11 million and $28 million in PPP loans (the data released earlier in the week only disclosed the sum in ranges). Nobu-hoo, Nobu-hoo. An American tragedy. So basically, De Niro needs dinero.  Continue reading

Robert De Niro Subtly Dragged Trump In His SAG Awards Speech

January 20, 2020 / Posted by:

There used to be a time that if Robert De Niro opened his mouth, you might expect him to say something like, “I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?“, and we’d all laugh. But ever since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, Robert De Niro has taken as many opportunities as possible to let us all know how he really feels about the situation. When Bobby D approaches a live mic, there’s a very good chance he’s either going to drag Trump, get bleeped several times for saying “fuck” while dragging trump, or both. Last night’s SAG Awards were no exception. He didn’t drop any f bombs, and he didn’t name Trump by name, but he did make it very clear he’s still on Team Not-Trump.

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