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Mickey Rourke Says Robert De Niro Refuses To Work With Him Over An Old “Angel Heart” Feud

September 19, 2019 / Posted by:

32 years later, the Hollywood feud of the century that I never knew about, still rages on. Mickey Rourke still hates his Angel Heart co-star Robert De Niro with the heat of a thousand tanning beds. According to Page Six, Mickey appeared on an Italian talk show and complained that he was “broke”, and it’s all Bobby D’s fault for cock blocking him out of a role in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie The Irishman. Mickey says that De Niro refuses to work with him because he “took him to school” on the set of Angel Heart, and De Niro was acting like a diva. Apparently, De Niro wouldn’t let Mickey speak to him or touch him. So now instead of looking him in the face, Mickey looks “right through his asshole.” PAGING RYAN MURPHY. We need this to be the focus of next season of Feud.

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The Final Trailer For Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” Is Here

August 28, 2019 / Posted by:

Has anybody checked on Jared Leto today? He might not be OK, he posted an unflattering photo of himself on Instagram, and I’m wondering if maybe it’s because the first full trailer for Todd PhillipsJoker starring Joaquin Phoenix just came out. The surrounding Oscar buzz may have taken the wind out of his sails/billowy Jesus caftan. This latest trailer actually shows us less about the movie than the teaser trailer that was released back in April. But don’t worry, I watched it with the closed captions on, and the descriptions of non-speech elements alone are enough to get the gist. This movie starts with (somber music), moves on to (child giggling), soon followed by (maniacal laughter) which, in turn, is followed by (Arthur Laughing), a distinction entirely lost on me as Arthur never (sweetly chuckles), then (dramatic music) crescendos into (bombastic music). In between there is a lot of smoking and a clown riot. Fin.

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Robert De Niro’s Company Is Suing An Ex-Employee For Watching Too Much Netflix At Work

August 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Out of the grey, desolate bleakness, a new hero has emerged. Show me a woman who managed to, in 4 days, watch 55 episodes of Friends at work while getting paid, and I’ll show you an icon. Her name is Chase Robinson, but instead of being rewarded for her astounding achievements in workplace don’t-give-a-fuckatude, she’s being punished with a $6 million dollar lawsuit brought on by her former employer, Robert De Niro. Sure, Chase may have also been accused of a little light embezzlement on the side, but how else was she supposed to eat lunch while watching Netflix at work if not for the Canal Productions company credit card? Did Bobby expect her to bring a bologna sandwich from home or some shit? Hell to the naw.

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Robert De Niro’s Estranged Wife Wants $250 Million From Him

June 7, 2019 / Posted by:

We live in a world where a $36 billion divorce settlement exists, so $250 million almost feels quaint. But it’s still a massive amount of money to demand during divorce negotiations, especially when one person allegedly signed a prenup that would technically give them waaaaay less than that. And that same person has filed half a dozen subpoenas to prove the other person has cash to spare. It’s currently a mess between Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower.

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