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Lil Wayne Paid Off His Massive $14 Million Tax Bill

April 1, 2019 / Posted by:

Lil Wayne is finally free of his tax debt to the IRS. In 2017, Lil Wayne got in trouble for not paying taxes five and six years prior. In 2011 he failed to pay $7,341,399.07 in taxes and then in 2012 he failed again to pay $6,853,545.77 in taxes. So Lil Wayne was on a big hook for $14,194,944.84 total. If you have made enough money to pay $14,194,944.84 in taxes alone, I’m sorry, I can’t feel sorry for you for any reason. But now it seems that Lil Wayne has stopped fucking over the American government and it’s tax-paying citizens and has paid back all that was owed.

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Birdman And Toni Braxton May Have Reconciled

January 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Ladies, when you’ve got one as hot as Birdman, you don’t let him fly away so easily. The man behind Cash Money Records, which sounds like a parody record company from Fear Of A Black Hat, made a surprise visit to Toni Braxton’s concert on Wednesday in Atlanta. Toni invited Birdman onstage and greeted him with a deep hug. Then, she led him offstage by the hand, leading people to believe that the pair may have reconciled after announcing their split (kinda sorta, neither were explicit about it) earlier this month.

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Shakira Has Been Charged With Tax Evasion And Owes $16.3 Million

December 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Shakira has learned the hard way that Wherever, Whenever you are, the Tax Man will catch up to you, squeeze you upside-down in his death grip, and shake every last penny out of your turned out pockets if you try to fuck with them. The Spanish Tax Authority has Shakira over a barrel and says she owes them over $16.3 million in back taxes after investigating her for over a year. I’d be ecstatic to have to pay $16.3 million in taxes if it meant that I made a bazillion taxable dollars. I’m just going to sit on that for a moment and curse my life choices as I finish cutting grocery coupons and crying over my Costco brand coffee.

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Charlie Sheen Is Still Too Broke To Pay His Taxes And Wants A More Lenient Payment Plan

October 1, 2018 / Posted by:

Charlie Sheen will go down in history as being a human public service announcement for why you shouldn’t blow all your money on porn stars and blow. Charlie has been involved in some serious financial fuckery as of late and is being chased by the scariest man any rich person could fear: The Taxman. Charlie is trying his hardest to pay back all the money he owes the government but it’s a bit tough when he doesn’t have many coins coming in.

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Fan Bingbing Is Still Missing, May Be In Jail

September 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Let’s play Where In The World Is Fan Bingbing? Because apparently that girl is MIA.

Fan Bingbing, who is China’s highest-paid actress, is reportedly being investigated for a classic case of tax evasion and had been banned from acting for three years. She was alleged to be using “Yin and Yang” contracts where one of her contracts would get reported to the tax department and the other, fatter contract would remain in her bank account. Her social media activity pretty much stopped and she hadn’t been seen in public since early July… and she still hasn’t. Continue reading

The IRS Is Coming After Toni Braxton For Unpaid Taxes

March 17, 2018 / Posted by:

It has been eight whole years since Toni Braxton last filed for bankruptcy. However, The Blast reports that Toni is in deep with the IRS and owes them $780,808.29 in back taxes. Will this woman never learn? If Toni doesn’t want to have to put a big ole goose egg on her It Has Been __Days Since I’ve Filed For Bankruptcy sign she has in her kitchen, she’d better figure something out pretty fast.

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