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Courtney Love Came For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame In A Guardian Op-Ed Then Came For The Guardian For “Censoring” Her

March 21, 2023 / Posted by:

If Courtney Love followed the rule “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” we’d never hear a peep out of her unless it was in defense of Johnny Depp. This week Courtney’s gnashing her teeth at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and popping them on the ass with a rolled-up copy of an op-ed she wrote for The Guardian. But even a wonky clock that’s not only seen some shit, but has probably also smeared some shit, is sometimes right. And Courtney was right to call out the Rock Hall for its miserable lack of female inductees. Even so, if there’s one thing Courtney Love’s gonna do it’s Courtney Hate, so she also made sure to blast The Guardian for censoring her.

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Courtney Love Walked Back Some Thoughts She Had On Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

May 24, 2022 / Posted by:

Oh no, can someone please update Courtney Love’s contact information on the group email? Because it’s obvious she didn’t get the memo that chiming in on the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will only result in the need to furiously backpedal on a 10-speed damage control bike. Was Courtney not paying attention during Drew Barrymore’s apology or what? Either way, Courtney recently learned a valuable lesson, which is that commenting on the Johnny Depp situation might end with you having to apologize for it later.

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The “Nevermind” Baby’s Child Pornography Lawsuit Against Nirvana May Be Dismissed Because He Missed A Filing Deadline

January 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Spencer Elden, the man who thinks anybody who had a poster of Nirvana’s Nevermind album hanging over their bed in the 90s is a sexual deviant, has had some bad news regarding his child pornography case against the band because he failed to respond in a timely manner to a motion requesting the suit be tossed out. Last summer, Spencer filed a lawsuit against members Nirvana and others including Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic as well as Kurt Cobain’s estate and therefore Courtney Love, executive of said estate. Spencer was seeking $150,000 from each of the 17 named defendants claiming his little baby pee-pee being used to sell records was tantamount to sex trafficking and child pornography. USA Today reports that the baby who appears naked, reaching for a dollar bill on the iconic album cover had until December 30, 2021 to respond to a motion to dismiss filed by the defendants, but I guess he must have overslept. It’s hard keeping a regular schedule when your job title is Disgruntled Baby Penis Model.

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Madonna Tells Lil Nas X She #DidItFirst

June 30, 2021 / Posted by:

After having created THEE moment at last Sunday’s BET Awards, Lil Nas X has spent the past few days alternately eloquently bitch slapping his critics, of which there are many, and engaging in sincere conversation about his daring decision to (checks notes) kiss a dude on stage? Really?! That’s it? Don’t forget, Madonna did it first anyway. And that’s not a suggestion, it’s a directive. Madonna will never allow you to forget it. In a recent Instagram story, Madonna posted an image of Lil Nas’ kiss with one of her kissing Britney Spears as a dejected Christina Aguilera looks on, on stage at the 2003 MTV VMA’s with the caption #diditfirst. All we need now is for Courtney Love to tag Madonna in her tweet taking credit for Olivia Rodrigo’s crying prom queen look with the caption #diditfirst for the clusterfuck to come full circle.

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Courtney Love Accuses Olivia Rodrigo Of Shamelessly Copying Hole’s “Live Through This” Cover

June 27, 2021 / Posted by:

It was just a second ago when Courtney Love was once again shitting all over Dave Grohl over Nirvana royalties and accusing Trent Reznor of abusing underage girls (Courtney later apologized). Well, 56-year-old Courtney Love has now aimed her compact and thrown it at 18-year-old crooner Olivia Rodrigo. After Olivia posted a promo image of her as a crying prom queen, Courtney Love let her know that if the whole “selling tons of albums” shit doesn’t work out for her, she should get a job at FedEx Office since she’s a master at copying.

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Courtney Love, Terrence Howard, And Michael Madsen Are Some Of California’s Biggest Tax Dodgers This Year

June 24, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s that time again! It’s the annual traditional shaming of the California tax delinquents. And coming in at the top of the list of famous types who failed to pony up enough cash, is Courtney Love, Terrence Howard, Michael Madsen, and noted mess Steven Seagal, who can now add “alleged tax loser” to the current list of allegations against him.

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