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Rebel Wilson Got Shit For Not Including Plus Sizes In Her New Clothing Line

November 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Apparently, new momma Rebel Wilson has launched a clothing line with her partner, designer Ramona Agruma. It’s a loungewear fashion brand called R&R Club. OK, sure. Except, uh oh! This non-story got the “non” kicked outta it because of a sizing controversy. R&R Club’s first collection (so far it’s just a white hoodie and matching sweat pants) is only available in sizes XS to XL. Page Six reports that some of Rebel’s fans and fat activists on social media are pissed that R&R Club doesn’t include plus sizes. Especially since 42-year-old Rebel was plus size up until 2020, when she lost around 80 pounds for her “Year of Health.” Sorry, Rebel, but that’s just rude! No, not the sizing thing, the “losing a bunch of weight during the pandemic, unlike the rest of us, who ballooned to epic proportions” thing. Continue reading

Rebel Wilson Announced That She Welcomed A Baby Girl Via Surrogate

November 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Today, 42-year-old Rebel Wilson took to Instagram to introduce her new baby, a daughter named Royce Lillian. In the caption, Rebel thanked everyone who helped her on her fertility journey, including her “gorgeous surrogate” who carried and delivered Royce with “such grace and care.” So, what are our thoughts on “Royce”? Nameberry says its popularity peaked in the ’30s and ’40s when it was mostly given to boys. Now it’s back on the rise and being used for girls. I think it sounds like Rebel couldn’t decide between naming her daughter after her two heroes, Reese Witherspoon and Joyce DeWitt.

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Rebel Wilson Responds To An Australian Newspaper Almost Outing Her

June 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, Rebel Wilson announced on Instagram that she had found her Disney Princess and was with entrepreneur Ramona Agruma. Pride flags waved in celebration, rainbow glitter was shot out of a rainbow cannon, and U-Haul slid into Rebel and Ramona’s DMs to congratulate them and offer them a 15% off discount! But Rebel’s coming out wasn’t totally covered in happiness and sparkles because it wasn’t her decision. The Sydney Morning Herald admitted that before Rebel’s announcement, they let her know that they knew about her relationship with Ramona and gave her two days to respond. Rebel responded alright. But Rebel wasn’t about to let The Sydney Morning Herald put her face on their paper with the words “YEP, SHE’S GAY” and instead, beat them to the punch by coming out on Instagram. Rebel has pretty much confirmed that she was forced to come out, but the editor of The Sydney Morning Herald denies that they were trying to push her out of the closet.

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Rebel Wilson Has Come Out And Is Dating Her “Disney Princess”

June 9, 2022 / Posted by:

Last month Rebel Wilson went on a podcast and revealed that she was “happily in a relationship.” Some (myself included) assumed she was talking about a new boyfriend. Well, today Rebel proved us dum-dums wrong: she posted a picture of her new girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, with the caption: “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess.” Rebel added heart and rainbow emojis, and captioned it #loveislove. A source tells People that Rebel’s in “an amazing place” and she’s never been happier. Awww, Happy Pride! Continue reading

Rebel Wilson Talked About A Co-Star Who Sexually Harassed Her And Threatened To Destroy Her Career Pre-#MeToo

May 19, 2022 / Posted by:

Rebel Wilson has a new movie on Netflix, which is why she’s been doing so much press lately (see: headlines about her love life, recent 80-pound weight loss, self worth, etc.). This week 42-year-old Rebel is on the cover of People, and in the interview, she talks about getting sexually harassed by a co-star several years ago, before the #MeToo movement. She has spoken about this incident before, back in 2017. According to Rebel, the perpetrator called her into a room on set, asked her to put her finger up his ass, and then pulled down his pants. This was all in front of the co-star’s buddies, who were filming it on their phones. Rebel says that, afterward, the co-star threatened to destroy her career.

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Rebel Wilson Has A New Boyfriend And Says She Went Out With 50 People In 2019

May 13, 2022 / Posted by:

2020 may have been Rebel Wilson’s “Year of Health,” but 2019 was her “Year of Slut.” Oops, my bad: “Year of LOVE.” 42-year-old Rebel was on this week’s episode of the dating podcast U Up?, and she revealed that she went out with over 50 people in 2019. She says the dates were with “the full spectrum of people,” from billionaires to poors who lived in cities like NYC, LA, and San Diego. Hey, if you’re gonna go on 50 first dates, might as well squeeze ’em all in before a pandemic. Continue reading


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