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Suzanne Somers And Her Husband Get Shot Up With Peptides So They Can Sex On Each Other Twice A Day

October 30, 2019 / Posted by:

Oh god, he’s totally poking it from behind in that pic, right? You dirty trollops, you’re at a charity event for children! Somebody turn the hose on those horny uncouth sluts!

After Suzanne Somers graciously celebrated her 73-year-old birthday by gifting us with the vision of her squatting naked in the wild on her property in Palm Springs, she told us that her husband of 42 years, 83-year-old Alan Hamel, took the pic. Well, now I also have the vision of Suzanne taking tweezers to Alan’s pepaw nalgas to pick out cactus pricks, which he got as she rode that dick on the dirt after he was overcome with horniness from seeing his wife’s naked body. Because according to Suzanne, fuck o’clock (or fuck ole’ cock) rings twice a day in their house and they have peptides to thank for that.

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Suzanne Somers’ Husband Took That Topless Birthday Pic For Her

October 21, 2019 / Posted by:

As Ferris Bueller once said, life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, Chrissy from Three’s Company is a 73-year-old Golden Girl crouching naked in a field. Suzanne Somers was a big part of my household growing up, partly because I loved Three’s Company, but mostly because my mom bought a Thighmaster sometime in the late 80’s and it sat around collecting dust until she finally sold it at a garage sale. According to Page Six, Suzanne is living her best life and just celebrated her 73rd birthday by sharing a nude photo taken of her by Alan Hamel, her husband of over 40 years. And since living one’s best life usually comes with a hefty price tag, she’s got a book about aging coming out.

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Open Post: Hosted By Future Oscar Winner Laurie Metcalf At The Palm Springs Film Festival

January 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Actors hungry for that Oscar prepared for hustling season last night by Spanx-ing up their bodies, saying goodbye to real food for a couple of months and gargling with lemon-infused hot water so their voices are moistened up enough for them to talk, talk and talk about how much they suffered while playing the role they should win all the awards for. Of course I’m not lumping Laurie Metcalf with those actors. She doesn’t have to do all that shit, because she’s Laurie Fucking Metcalf and if she wants respect, all she has to do is say, “I played Aunt Jackie in Roseanne.

Awards season officially started last night with the opening of The Palm Springs International Film Festival, where Jessica Chastain (Chairman’s Awards), everyone involved with The Shape of Water (Vanguard Award), Allison Janney (Spotlight Award), Gary Oldman (Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actor), Mary J. Blige (Breakthrough Performance Award), Holly Hunter (Career Achievement Award), Timothée Chalamet (Rising Star Award), Willem Dafoe (Icon Award) and more were honored.

Laurie Metcalf was there to honor her Lady Bird co-star Saoirse Ronan with the Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actress. We already knew this, but Aunt Jackie is a saint. I mean, she showed up to an award show to give someone else a trophy instead of getting one. A 20-year-old model is probably trapped under a passed out Leonardo DiCaprio right now, because he fainted over the thought of that.

Not only did Laurie Metcalf show up to honor someone else, but she brought the glamour too by wearing what a 90s Taco Bell would wear if it was turned into a human and became the leader of a new age cult.

Here’s more from last night, and you can stop after Suzanne Somers, because the star power and glamour does downhill from there.


Open Post: Hosted By Nicole Kidman In Taylor Swift Circa 2007 Cosplay

January 3, 2017 / Posted by:

Oh, Nicole, Nicole, please save your Taylor Swift role-play costumes for your bedroom times with Keith Urban. Our eyes don’t need it!

Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing a badly made Taylor Swift wax figure on the guest list,” said the organizers of the opening gala of the Palm Springs International Festival last night when Nicole Kidman walked the red carpet in one of Elle Fanning’s old dresses that her kids doodled on. That dress was made by Dior, but it looks more like something from David Bridal’s collection of wedding clothes inspired by Angelina Jolie’s doodled-on wedding dress. That whole look is giving me a Big situation. Because of that end-of-the-night prom hair and that dress from Justice, it looks like a little girl took over her body and made all of the design decisions for her. It’s a little Whatever Happened To Baby Jane goes to spring formal.

Thankfully, glamorous savior Suzanne Somers once again cleansed the red carpet of messy dreadfulness with her Ann Jillian razor cut, Wayland Flowers-approved rouge and L’eggs covered legs.


If it went with her ensemble, I’d say that Suzanne Somers should get a Medal of Honor for saving events with her sparkly glamour!

And here’s more pics from the Palm Springs International Film Festival including Natalie Portman wearing Darth Vader maternity chic and Pharrell Williams looking like the manager at a matador-themed gay club that only plays songs from the 80s.

Pics:, Splash

Open Post: Hosted By Suzanne Somers Bringing Tons Of Sex Bomb Star Power To The “Passengers” Premiere

December 15, 2016 / Posted by:

When the organizers of last night’s Passengers premiere at the Village Theater in Westwood, CA laid eyes on Jennifer Lawrence wearing another tragically boring Dior (more like DiBORE) and Chris Pratt wearing a snooze-worthy suit, they immediately hit the glamour emergency switch attached to the wall. Approximately 15 seconds later, a siren was heard in the near distance and 30 seconds after that, a stretch limousine with flashing lights on top pulled up and out slithered a goddess in sequins, leather gloves and silver cha cha heels. Suzanne Somers landed on the black carpet to bring some much needed sparkly star power, sexiness, glamour and magnetism to that dull affair. Suzanne Somers is a glamorous Captain-Save-A-Ho and the ho she saved was the Passengers premiere.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Sequined Glamour Of Suzanne Somers

June 3, 2016 / Posted by:

If you’re thinking that this stunningly elegant dress looks really familiar and you must’ve seen it on a red eye-shift hooker as she made her way home and you made your way to work in the morning time, you may be right. But you probably also saw it on the triple-Spanx’d body of the butterfly human hybrid known as Mimi who wore it to the NBC Upfronts in NYC last month. Beyonce has also worn that sequined tiger-striped Balmain hooker dress before. That dress is making the rounds and is turning out to be The Slut Dress’ more worldly, glamorous and sophisticated older cousin who used to be a high-end call girl but now works as a hostess at a club in Reno.

Suzanne Somers, my choice for our next Surgeon General, wore it while working the red carpet with her husband Alan Hamel at the Television Academy’s 70th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles last night. As for who wore that mess better, I have to go with Chrissy Snow, because it has transformed her into Janice the Muppet’s drunk, crazy auntie who made everyone rush their kids out of the room at a family party when she drunkenly gave her husband a lap dance to a Def Leppard song.

Since that dress has been climbing up the ladder of stars by going from Beyonce to Mimi and onto the forever A-list jewel Suzanne Somers, I’m guessing it’ll keep going up and will soon be found on the body of La Toya Jackson or Angelyne. Keep reaching for those unreachable stars, Tiger Dress!

Pics:, Splash


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