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Sources Say Natalie Portman Is Convinced Husband Benjamin Millepied’s Affair Was Brief and Meaningless

June 7, 2023 / Posted by:

Last week, word broke that Natalie Portman’s husband of 11 years, Benjamin Millepied is a two-timing cheater- oh wait- we already knew that since he reportedly cheated on his ex Isabella Boylston with Natalie. Now it’s just been reaffirmed. But Natalie’s hoping to sweep the mess under the rug since, sources say, she believes the French choreographer’s affair was “a brief and stupid liaison,” which is just a civil way of saying he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

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Natalie Portman And Her Husband Benjamin Millepied Are Reportedly Working Through Their Marriage Woes After He Cheated On Her

June 2, 2023 / Posted by:

11 years ago, Natalie Portman married French ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and the wedding shocked me because they didn’t have cake at it! But believe it or not, something even more scandalous than not having cake at their wedding has happened to Natalie and Benjamin’s marriage. French tabloid Voici was the first to report that in March, Natalie found out that Benjamin’s dick grand jeté’d up into another woman’s cooch. And this wasn’t a hit-it-and-quit-it situation. Apparently, it was a full-on affair. Sources claim that Benjamin’s affair is over now, and Natalie is trying to make it work. But it’s also been claimed that Benjamin and his side piece saw each other as recently as May 24.

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Natalie Portman Breaks Down How Women Are “Expected To Behave” Differently Than Men At Cannes

May 23, 2023 / Posted by:

A few years ago, there was some sexist drama at Cannes when it was alleged that only women wearing high heels were allowed into screenings. And while promoting her latest film at Cannes, Natalie Portman brought up the high heels thing and reminded everyone in the room that being a working actress comes with conditions, especially while out and about on the film festival circuit.

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Apple TV+ Series “Lady In The Lake” Starring Natalie Portman Halts Production After Threats From Locals In Baltimore

August 29, 2022 / Posted by:

The upcoming Apple TV+ series Lady In The Lake has recently experienced a bit of unpleasantness during their filming that will now be known throughout the industry as The Baltimore Welcome. Currently, the production has been stationed in Baltimore for the past few months, which is probably tense enough since it’s been hot as hell up North all summer. But unfortunately, the real heat happened when a bunch of local extortionists descended upon the set asking for money. So although Apple thought they would be producing a show about an unsolved murder set in the 1960s what they ended up getting was a reboot of The Wire but in real-time.

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“Imagine” If All These Celebrities Sang In The Same Key

March 19, 2020 / Posted by:

Corona isn’t the only thing going viral these days. With everybody on lockdown and bored out of their minds, we are grasping at straws for anything even mildly entertaining to distract us from this supremely shitty situation. Some desperate souls have even resorted to watching Cats! Which is why you may have seen the video that’s going around where Gal Gadot and a bafflingly random group of celebrities join together as one to sing John Lennon’s Imagine. You see, coronavirus got Gal to thinking: What if we are all really the same? And to her credit, when it comes right down to it, celebrities really are just like us. They’re also bored, scared, barely any of them can sing, and the ones who can sing, are always doing too much.

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Christian Bale Will Play A Villain In The Next “Thor” Movie

March 7, 2020 / Posted by:

Another day, another Marvel superhero movie to report about. But unlike the others, this future cinematic staple has actually done a marvelous bit of casting. Turns out, Oscar-winning thespian Christian Bale had originally shown interest in joining the Marvel universe in order to land the role he was born to play: a supervillain. And one of his soon-to-be co-stars, Tessa Thompson, has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that his messy ass is now attached.

After the raging success of Thor: Ragnarok, where Chris Hemsworth stands around looking all hunky and scruffy and shit, the plan was set to develop another totally necessary sequel. Enter Christian.

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