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Lucy Hale Talked About Dating A 52-Year-Old, And It’s Probably Skeet Ulrich

January 20, 2023 / Posted by:

The topic of the week is celeb relationships with large age gaps, and Lucy Hale has something to say! Nearly two years ago, 33-year-old Lucy and 53-year-old Skeet Ulrich made everyone scratch their heads and go, “Heh?”, when paps caught them kissing on a lunch date in L.A. Less than three months later, it was reported that this random pairing had already thrown in the towel. Neither party ever publicly commented on their relationship… until now. Kinda. Us Weekly reports that Lucy went on Rachel Bilson’s podcast, Broad Ideas, and discussed her dating preferences. Lucy says that she’s dated “all the way up to 52,” and she “loved it.” While she didn’t explicitly name Skeet as her 52-year-old (and, um, he was technically 51 during their fling), it’s gotta be Skeet, right? Unless Lucy’s been screwing around with other famous 52-year-olds like Kevin Smith, Hunter Biden, or Fat Joe…

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Open Post: Hosted By Flossie, The World’s Oldest Living Cat

November 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Introducing Flossie, the current Guinness World Record-holder for the oldest living cat at 26 years and 316 days, to be precise. Flossie, who has since turned 27, was recently adopted by Vicki Green, who got her from Cats Protection, a British kitty charity. Cats Protection employee Naomi Rosling says she was “flabbergasted” when Flossie’s vet records revealed she was almost 27. Vicki says she knew Flossie was special but had no clue she’d be sharing her home with world record holder. Suuure. Vicki probably scoured the Internet looking for the oldest cat possible, all in a sick attempt to be a part of a Guinness World record. Sweetie, if you want a record that badly, go see Spider-Man 292 times in theaters like a normal person!

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Jane Fonda Discussed Aging And Her Plastic Surgery Once Again

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Jane Fonda wears many chic hats: social and environmental activist, award-winning actress, fitness guru, and expert Megyn Kelly agitator (which is my favorite recurring role of hers). And at 85, she also happens to be part of a small handful of older actresses in Hollywood who still get work and then in turn have to promote it; so she’s often asked about aging and has talked about her various plastic surgeries (and that she’s DONE with them) to the point of getting annoyed about being asked about it (right, Megyn!?). But recently, she discussed it again in a feature with VOGUE–because it seems like once a woman reaches a certain age, their only two options are to stoically walk into the ocean and die OR constantly have to discuss the trials and tribulations of being said age.

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Open Post: Hosted By Cher’s Declaration That She’ll Never Go Gray

January 5, 2022 / Posted by:

Cher may be 75-years-young, but, like my great-aunt Shirley, she will never, ever, ever let her hair go gray! The icon (Cher, not Shirley) is currently starring in a M.A.C. Cosmetics campaign with rapper Saweetie, 28, and she talked to People magazine about beauty and style. Cher says that going gray “is fine for other girls,” but she’s “just not doing it!” Um, this is in no way surprising. Cher will never let herself look her real age. It’s her (and her plastic surgeon’s) superpower.

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Florence Pugh Is Still Talking About Her Age Gap Love With Zach Braff

July 6, 2021 / Posted by:

Some people may think Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s relationship is gross, but I say it’s beautiful and refreshing. More fathers and daughters should publicly express their love for one another and not worry about — wait, what? They’re LOVERS?! But he’s 46! And she’s 25! She was in kindergarten when Scrubs premiered in 2001! Aaaand scene.

The above paragraph is the type of shit that pisses Florence Pugh right off. She’s been extremely vocal about how she doesn’t think anybody has the right to talk about her relationship, specifically her and Zach’s age difference. And after more than two years of dating, she’s still talking about it. In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Florence theorizes that her relationship “bugs people” because it’s “not who they expected” her to date. Yep, that’s the reason we’re weirded out. Ya got us, Flo.

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