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46-Year-Old Casey Affleck And His 23-Year-Old Girlfriend Caylee Cowan Might Be Engaged

March 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Casey Affleck may be engaged to his girlfriend of a few months, actress Caylee Cowan. Last week the couple were papped at a Lakers game and on Sunday they were spotted leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Both nights Caylee was wearing a sparkly rock on her ring finger. Neither has confirmed the news, but a ring plus pap attention usually equals engaged. Speaking of math, Casey is 46, and Caylee is 23. Yep, exactly half his age. At least until March 19, when she turns 24. Then she’ll be practically half his age, which just isn’t as dramatic. So get your digs in now. Continue reading

Casey Affleck Confirms He Did Not Throw Out The Cardboard Cutout Of Ana De Armas

January 22, 2021 / Posted by:

The sad, tragic news of Ben Affleck’s breakup with Ana de Armas was likely very devastating for some (photographers, Boston-based iced coffee chains, the makers of life-sized cardboard cutouts). But it was tempered with one moment we could all laugh at, and that was when a photographer stationed outside of Ben’s house caught someone tossing Ana’s smiling life-size cardboard cutout directly into the trash. A rainbow after the rain moment.

We didn’t know the identity of the dumper, because they were wearing a face mask, but it didn’t look like Ben, and it didn’t look like Ben’s bestie and frequent quarantine visitor Matt Damon. Some thought it was Ben’s brother Casey Affleck. Casey now says he’s not the cutout dumper.

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Casey Affleck Has Some Things To Say About Those Misconduct Allegations

August 10, 2018 / Posted by:

There was a time in early 2017 when it seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Casey Affleck and his scraggly beard campaigning for the Best Actor Oscar. Then he won it, and all of a sudden, Casey Affleck was nowhere to be seen. While he was in a self-imposed hiding, the #MeToo movement happened, and that probably caused Casey to grab a hammer and nail boards over the door to his bunker, to make sure he didn’t leave and get dragged into that hashtag. And it probably had something to do with those sexual harassment allegations that were made by two women who worked on his 2010 mockumentary I’m Still Here.

Casey has a new movie to promote (The Old Man & The Gun), which means talking to people, which means it was inevitable that the allegations would be brought up and he would be forced to address them while looking extremely uncomfortable. That’s what happened during a recent interview with the Associated Press.

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