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King Charles III’s Big Day Featured Crowns, Joanna Lumley, And A Yawning Prince Louis

May 6, 2023 / Posted by:

If you’re a Brit, then I’m sure your vocal cords are sore (and not in a sexy way) from loudly chanting that oath of allegiance to King Charles III on his Coronation Day. Or your vocal cords are sore from loudly snoring while sleeping through King Chuck’s Corny because you don’t give one shit about it. Whatever the case, King Charles and Queen Camilla’s bloomers filled with panty pudding royale today as they were crowned during the scaled-back three-day Coronation event that is costing British taxpayers ONLY $125 million. King Charles and Queen Camilla’s crowning ceremony happened at Westminster Abbey today and featured a spotlight-stealing cameo from little Prince Louis and a quick appearance by Prince Harry, whose ass is already on a plane back to California for his son Prince Archie’s fourth birthday.

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Open Post: Hosted By Emma Thompson Dancing To Adele

November 22, 2021 / Posted by:

If I told you there was a famous Brit who was doing the absolute most at Adele’s concert An Audience With Adele, which took place in London over the weekend, would you believe it wasn’t James Corden? Why not? Have I not proven myself to be a reliable source of celebrity entertainment news over the years? Well, brace yourselves, because I’m about to tell you that very thing! And I don’t want any emails or comments accusing me of shoddy journalism and fibbery. You couldn’t miss James in the audience for Adele’s One Night Only concert last week in LA (he was also a producer), but it was Emma Thompson, THE Nanny McPhee, who was acting a fool and “this my jam!”-ing all over the place like your favorite fun drunk auntie at a wedding.

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A “Cruella” Sequel Is Already In The Works

June 7, 2021 / Posted by:

Disney’s villain origin story, Cruella, has brought in tons of money (for these quarantine times) and got mostly good reviews–specifically Emma Stone and Emma Thompson who have been commended for their performances as over-dramatic evil fashion bitches. And the villainy of Cruella De Vil is going to be coming back at you once more, as The Hollywood Reporter confirms a second film has already been greenlit by the studio and is in early development. Sorry Joker fanboys, this means Cruella is officially more culturally relevant than you.

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Open Post: Hosted By Emma Thompson Saying That She Didn’t Like Wearing Underwear While Filming “Cruella”

May 27, 2021 / Posted by:

The new Disney villain origin story, Cruella, stars Emma Stone and Emma Thompson as rival fashionistas whose feud creates the iconic bitch, Cruella De Vil. Both Emmas were on the British talk show Lorraine and during that interview, Emma T. revealed that for her one of the most taxing processes of all the fashion was not the bodices, or corsets, or layers, or makeup; it was the underwear. Because Emma doesn’t wear any ever. 

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“Joker” But Make It Fashion

February 17, 2021 / Posted by:

Because we live in a time when every psychotic dead-hearted cartoon villain of pure evil needs a movie that tries to explain to us why they became a psychotic dead-hearted cartoon villain of pure evil, Disney has made Cruella de Vil’s origin story. As expected, Disney put out the first trailer for Cruella starring Emma Stone as the diabiolical hell demon who goes on to plot the murder of PUPPEHS in the name of fashion (in other words, Pimp Mama Kris’ greatest inspiration). And Emma Stone’s campy British accent in the trailer is really something, so I’m sure the movie ends with the Dalmations being like, “Okay, okay, lady from La La Land, you win. If you stop with that accent, we’ll give you our coats,” as they zip their fur off.

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Emma Thompson’s Husband Thought He Was Supposed To Marry Kate Winslet

January 28, 2020 / Posted by:

It sounds like Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise clearly belonged at Camille Grammer’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills season 1 dinner party from Hell because they, too, know a witch who can see into the future just like clairvoyant Allison DuBois! Emma says her man hung out with a psychic friend just before going to work on Sense & Sensibility, and the friend predicted he’d meet his future wife on the set of the film. Now, Emma was also in the movie, but she was married at the time. Greg didn’t think he’d wind up with her. He just assumed Kate was the future Mrs. Wise!

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