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Kim Zolciak Called 911 Because She Says Kroy Biermann Threatened To File Kidnapping Charges

June 27, 2023 / Posted by:

In the not even two months since Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann filed for divorce, the whole ordeal has been such a calamitous shit mountain that there are already two pages of posts here detailing the dysfunction, which includes both a custody and house battle as well as allegations of abuse, a gambling addiction, and the consumption of the devil’s lettuce. And since the alums of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy have even less sense than liquid assets, they’ve been enlisting their local police as referees in their fight to secure the title of “most contentious-ass divorce of 2023.” In their most recent play, Kim called 911 because she alleged that Kroy threatened to file kidnapping charges over a miscommunication about one of the four kids they have together going on a playdate and also stole one of her bags containing divorce documents.

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Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Says That He Broke The News Of Their Divorce To Their Kids Via Zoom

June 22, 2023 / Posted by:

As the summer of a thousand celebrity hot mess divorces rolls on, Kevin Costner and his eventually-to-be ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, have been consistently delivering when it comes to probably having their people volley gratuitously absurd and chaotic details “from court documents” back and forth. When this whole thing started, Kevin said it was a surprise divorce, and Christine was disobeying their prenup by not GTFO of his home after she filed, despite him paying her to leave. There was also some guesthouse tenant drama. Then, it was reported that Christine was asking for Kevin to pay her a jaw-dropping $248,000 PER MONTH in child support–which she says wasn’t even enough to fund the lifestyle their kids were accustomed to. And now, People says that in court documents, Christine claimed that Kevin told their three children about the divorce in a quick Zoom call while he was filming in another state, and she’s pretty pissed about it because it’s not how they agreed it would all go down.

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Kroy Biermann Is Asking The Judge To Kick Kim Zolciak Out Of Their Home Amid Their Divorce

June 15, 2023 / Posted by:

The divorce of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann, formerly of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, only began last month, and it already has everything: a custody brawl, reefer madness, compulsive gambling, used wigs for sale, password changing, and sadly–abuse allegations. Through it all, the two have insisted on staying in their marital home (which may or not be on the brink of foreclosure) out of financial necessity. But now, Kroy decided he’s had enough and asked a judge to boot Kim out, and has also asked the court to appoint their four kids with a guardian ad litem since they’ve borne witness to this whole circus.

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The Company Angelina Jolie Founded To Deal With Her Winery Shares Is Suing Brad Pitt For $250 Million

September 7, 2022 / Posted by:

The gloves are off! But that happened back in 2016. At this point in their legal brinkmanship, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are just slapping at each other with the skeletal remains of their flayed hands. Just a bunch of raggedy ass bones clacka-lackin’ in each other’s faces, phalanges flying all willy-nilly and shit. It’s gotten so bad now that Angelia is using a surrogate hand to slap Brad in his face.

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Sources Claim Angelina Jolie Is Trying To “Inflict Pain” On Brad Pitt By Requesting The FBI Report About Their 2016 Private Jet Fight Be Released To The Public

August 18, 2022 / Posted by:

If wearing a skirt on the red carpet of his Bullet Train premiere in Berlin earlier this summer was Brad Pitt’s plan-A to distract us from the imminent release of an FBI report Angelina Jolie initiated back in the stone age following the now infamous 2016 fight the couple had on their private jet that eventually led to Brad producing and starring in Six-Years a Divorcé, his plan-B seems to be calling People Magazine’s emergency PR crisis hotline and reminding them how many exclusives of his babies he’s signed off on for them over the years.

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Ioan Gruffudd Was Granted A Three-Year Restraining Order Against Estranged Wife Alice Evans

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

When we last posted about the divorce fight that is messier than a broken Porta-Potty at an overcrowded prune festival (no, I’m not talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce fight, this time), Ioan Gruffudd had filed for joint custody of his two daughters with Alice Evans, 12-year-old Ella and 8-year-old Elsie, and also submitted more evidence to the court of her unhinged ways. Like Ioan alleged that Alice regularly verbally abused him during their 14-year marriage, including in front of their daughters, and once said that he should get his eyes checked at the gynecologist since he has “saggy vagina eyes.” Well, their custody situation hasn’t been worked out yet (I’m sure lawyers are putting on riot gear in preparation for that fight), but Ioan did get a win in court yesterday. The judge made Ioan’s temporary domestic abuse restraining order against Alice much less temporary. Ioan was granted a three-year restraining order against Alice and now she’s been forbidden from talking trash about him or his girlfriend Bianca Wallace on social media. So that repeated tapping sound you hear is Alice’s typing fingers of rage furiously shaking because it’s been more than 5 minutes since she’s gotten her fix of blasting her ex on social media.

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