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Bonnie Rotten Decided That She Does Want To Divorce Jesse James, After All

December 7, 2022 / Posted by:

All was right in the world a few days ago when the messy piles of ick nast that our society didn’t ask for but probably deserves–Jesse James and his au courant wife Alaina “Bonnie Rotten” Hicks–had a spat that seeped out onto social media just a few days ago. It started when a pregnant Bonnie accused Jesse of cheating on her in an Instagram post, deleted the accusation, filed for divorce, and then decided to announce on Instagram that she pulled the filing. Jesse posted a public apology for the fight as well which he also ended up deleting, and then both of them bitched on Instagram about the media taking things (that they voluntarily disclosed) and running with them. But, nothing gold can stay; because apparently, Bonnie has now decided that she actually does want the divorce.

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Gisele Bündchen Reportedly Issued One Last Ultimatum To Tom Brady

October 26, 2022 / Posted by:

All right, everyone, the moment we have been waiting for is upon us! For months Tom Brady has been fumbling his marriage AND his career after yelling “PSYCH!” once he said he was retiring for good. And his example may be the inspiration for Serena Williams’ potential comeback to tennis, but hopefully, she uses Tom’s blueprint for what NOT to do. Because not only has his career been suffering, his marriage to his leggy lover Gisele Bundchen has been on a rapid decline as she is ready to gallop like a gazelle far away from Tom and his indecisiveness. But in a last-ditch effort, before their union devolves into divorce, Gisele is allegedly giving Tom one more chance to get his shit together or get ready to watch her whisper sweet negotiations into her lawyer’s ear from across the room.

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Things Are Reportedly Getting “Nasty” Between Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen

October 22, 2022 / Posted by:

The Brady-Bündchen split went from hearsay to here-to-stay. After Tom Brady renewed his vows to the beautiful game of football, his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bündchen, decided to call it quits because she will not be one-upped by a pigskin. They’ve drifted apart (into separate homes to be precise) and have rarely been seen together. Gisele didn’t even go as Tom’s plus one to the most romantic event of the year! And now that both have secured the finest divorce lawyers Florida can offer, things are about to get as “nasty” as Tom is to his teammates.

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Michelle Branch Called Off Her Divorce To Patrick Carney

September 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Today in “NOOOOOO!”, Michelle Branch has called off her divorce from her no-good, allegedly cheating husband, Patrick Carney, aka one of the guys from The Black Keys. Well, at least for now. TMZ reports that Michelle, 39, and Patrick, 42, will press pause on divorce proceedings for at least six months as they attempt to reconcile. After that, the couple will decide if they want to call the divorce off entirely or move forward with the split. I think I can speak for everyone, including Haley McDonald from Full Stop Management, when I say: dump his ass, Michelle!*

*but also, like, do what’s best for you and your kids? Sigh.

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Sylvester Stallone Denies Squandering His Assets As Part Of His Divorce Fight Plan

August 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week we learned that Sylvester Stallone and his third wife, Jennifer Flavin, were getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage, and all preliminary gossip pointed to dog drama: people initially suspected the couple was dunzo when Sly got his bicep tattoo of Jennifer’s face covered up with his old Rocky dog, Butkus, and, two seconds after he denied this, we learned that 54-year-old Jennifer had filed for divorce. The next day, 76-year-old Sylvester denied reports that the split was triggered by a fight over getting a new Rottweiler named Dwight. Today we have received another Sly-Denial: in court docs seen by People magazine, Sly and his lawyers deny Jennifer’s allegations that he squandered his assets so she couldn’t get receive them in the divorce. OK, but what does this have to do with cute pups? Consistency, people!

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Michelle Branch Filed For Divorce From Patrick Carney

August 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Last Wednesday evening, Michelle Branch tweeted, then deleted, that her husband, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, was cheating on her with his manager, 27-year-old Haley McDonald “while I was at home with our 6 month old daughter. *shrugging emoji lady*”  Later that night at 2:00 AM, the cops were called to the couple’s Nashville home, where Michelle admitted she’d slapped Patrick “one to two times.” She was arrested for domestic violence but released from custody early because she’s still breastfeeding. The following morning, 39-year-old Michelle informed TMZ that she and 42-year-old Patrick were splitting, and she was devastated for herself and her family. Now People is reporting that the very next day, Michelle filed for divorce from Patrick in Davidson County, Tennessee after three years of marriage. Michelle wanted to write, “Haley McDonald from Full Stop Management” as the reason for the split, but she had to settle for “irreconcilable differences.”

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