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Wendy Williams Is Dating A Doctor Now

July 8, 2019 / Posted by:

Wendy Williams continues to be unnecessarily candid about her love life. Well, she’s actually being coy candid which is much, much more annoying. Wendy’s back on the air after a little break and took some time to update her audience on her relationship with Marc Tomblin, her young gentleman friend with a criminal record and a twinkle in his eye. According to Page Six, Wendy’s moved on from Marc and is now dating a “brown-black” doctor in his mid-50s. She also noted that she spent some time in Arizona and Idaho “gathering her thoughts”. Who has the time or energy to try and piece together a coherent narrative out Wendy’s trail of breadcrumbs? You can’t reverse engineer a sandwich out of breadcrumbs, Wendy! But I will try.

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Hunter Biden Admits He Got Married To His Second Wife One Week After They Met

July 2, 2019 / Posted by:

Hunter Biden is probably looking at his watch and secretly wishing there was an extra hour in the day, just so he could achieve even more messiness in his personal life. Because right now, it would appear he’s fully filling each of those 24 hours.

We’ve got an update on everybody’s favorite political failson, and of course there’s enough new information to make Joe Biden shoot off an email that reads, “Damn son, you couldn’t wait until 2021 with all this?“. The New Yorker recently spoke to Hunter about his father’s campaign for President, Hunter’s allegedly shady business deals with China and the Ukraine, and how Hunter handled his brother’s death (aka not well). But of course the conversation turned to Hunter’s recent marriage and paternity drama.

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KFC Is Offering A Cheetos Chicken Sandwich

June 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Good news for lovers of soggy Cheetos and sodium headaches! KFC will be offering a new menu item featuring everybody’s favorite weird dick-shaped snack, the Cheeto. According to Eater, beginning July 1 and for a limited time, KFC will be offering a Cheetos sandwich that will be available nationwide. However, those few Americans lucky enough to live in New York City (or willing to travel) will have the opportunity to sample an entire pop-menu of KFC by Cheeto foods, but you have to act fast. The pop-up “event” is one day only. Reservations are recommended if you want VIP access which I guess means bottle service and a lap dance from Chester Cheetah.

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Hunter Biden Is Being Sued By A Woman Who Claims To Have Had His Baby

June 21, 2019 / Posted by:

I’m starting to suspect that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is playing life like a game of Messy Famous Son Bingo. Hunter was kicked out of the military for coke use. He was allegedly busted with an Ashley Madison account. He hooked up with his brother’s widow (while he was still married to his first wife). He married his new girlfriend in the same month it was reported that he’d split from his brother’s widow.

And now an Arkansas woman, who is neither his brother’s widow nor his current wife, claims he’s the father of her baby. I think we just got a bingo?

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Oh, Just A Wreck Of A Brawl Between Parents And Coaches At A Children’s Baseball Game

June 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Now, I try to avoid sporting events starring children at all costs, because it brings together three things I don’t want to be around: sports, competing children, and batshit insane overbearing parents. But this story has made me change my mind, because I didn’t know until this video came along that my new favorite pastime is watching moronic parents teach their children that the way to handle something that doesn’t go their way is to throw punches. And this children’s baseball brawl featured a pregnant woman wielding a baseball bat. Welcome to Lakewood Youth Baseball League’s half-time show: Jerry Springer Live! 

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Might Not Turn Himself In To Police After All (UPDATE)

June 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Someone needs to tell Cuba Gooding Jr. that he stopped playing O.J. Simpson back in 2016. Because right now, he’s acting like he’s riding around in a white Bronco, playing get-away from the police. Cuba was reportedly going to turn himself in yesterday after police were searching for him in connection with an incident at a Manhattan club on Sunday night in which he allegedly groped a woman. But Cuba has changed his mind about that.

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