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Chrissy Teigen Posted A Picture Of Her C-Section In Response To Accusations On Social Media That A Surrogate Carried Her Youngest Baby

May 10, 2023 / Posted by:

Over the years, Chrissy Teigen has transitioned from a ruthless troll of celebrities who were of a higher rank than her at the time to a “reformed” ruthless troll of Donald Trump (who at least deserved it); and also bakes rip-off cakes when she isn’t busy getting her head hair yanked out to be shoved into her eyebrow area. Chrissy is now a prolific social media oversharer and mom who’s graduated to having her own gaggle of trolls on her ass who often swipe at her parenting, including many comments recently that her and John Legend’s baby daughter, Esti, came from a surrogate. So, Chrissy whipped out a picture of her and Esti on the operating table during her c-section birth to prove them all wrong.

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Coco Is Catching Backlash Again For Another Video Of Her Dancing With Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

April 12, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s time for the Coco Austin Quarterly Questionable Parenting Pile-On! Here we have a familiar Coco flub; because she’s catching backlash again for a video of her and her 7-year-old daughter Chanel dancing. In this video, it looks like Chanel graduated from her previously eyebrow-raising Tina Belcher Twerk to attempting to hit some TikTok moves and swat her mom’s bounteous, naturally elegant buns. Page Six says that after Coco, 44, posted the video, many in the comment sections deemed it “inappropriate.” In Chanel’s defense, Coco’s ass is so thicc and all-encompassing, it’s not easy to even swat the general air and not also be smacking Coco’s ass.

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Khloé Kardashian Is Reportedly Proud Of Tristan Thompson For Signing With The Lakers And Is Glad He’ll Be Living Closer To Their Kids

April 11, 2023 / Posted by:

Though “singleKhloé Kardashian said she doesn’t miss her old face, her Instagram post about her baby daddy/on-off man Tristan Thompson a few weeks ago, combined with their recent McDonald’s run, makes it seem like she missed the way they were before she dumped him for the fifty-leventh time. Many would’ve been done with his ass for good after he cheated with her friend and impregnated another woman (right before he and Khloé’s second child was baking in a surrogate), but Khloe seems to be teasing their reunion. And after it was reported that Tristan signed with the Lakers, sources said that Khloé is filled with pride and is hopeful that his closer proximity will mean he’ll be spending more time with their kids.

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Farrah Abraham Defended Letting Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Get Six Facial Piercings

February 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Between all of her security guard slapping, overdone cosmetic procedures, hotel employee slapping, and feuds, it’s easy to forget that Farrah Abraham is also someone’s mom–despite her obnoxiously existing because of her appearing on the shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. But she’s been a mom for 14 years now, and she took her daughter, Sophia Abraham, to get six facial piercings to commemorate the anniversary of her exit from Farrah’s (less popular) front door. Some people had thoughts about a minor getting facial piercings, so of course, Farrah took the opportunity to scrounge up a few crumbs of attention by defending her decision to allow Sophia to get pierced.

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Julia Fox Says She Chooses To Live In A Small Apartment So Her Son Doesn’t Grow Up To Be A Prick

January 31, 2023 / Posted by:

Last week, Julia Fox gave us a TikTok tour of her surprisingly modest New York apartment, complete with clutter, a bed in the living room, and a wee mouse problem. Relatable (except switch out Ms. Fox’s single mouse for my 12,000 potato bugs). She shares her Upper East Side home with her 2-year-old son, Valentino. Page Six reports that yesterday, 32-year-old Julia made another TikTok in response to this comment on her original video: “Isn’t she worth like 30 million dollars?” Translation: why doesn’t Julia live in a mansion and/or penthouse like other famous types? Julia says it’s because she doesn’t want her son to grow up to be “a fuckin’ prick.”

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CoCo Posted A Video Of Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Twerking On Christmas And She Got Backlash For It

December 27, 2022 / Posted by:

CoCo is back in the news for her big ol’ butt and boobies! PSYCH. This isn’t 2008; it’s 2022. And everybody knows CoCo makes headlines for being Mom of the Year Century. But CoCo’s methods are ahead of their time, and her parenting is constantly under attack by jealous mommy shamers. See: yesterday, when CoCo posted a video of her 7-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole, “twerking” during a family Christmas gathering. Page Six reports that CoCo-hating commenters clutched their pearls so hard they burst into a fine, judgmental dust. Oh, please! Like it or not, twerking is the dance of the decade. Were kids shamed for doing the Charleston one hundred years ago? Actually, yes, they were. Huh. I guess that means CoCo/Chanel are making history.

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