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Christina Applegate Checked Someone On Social Media Who Alleged Her Changed Appearance Is From Bad Plastic Surgery, Not Her Multiple Sclerosis

January 18, 2023 / Posted by:

Christina Applegate just stepped back into the spotlight after coming to grips with her 2021 multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She powered through worsening mobility to finish shooting her Netflix show, Dead To Me and accepted her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the help of her family and friends. So, it was probably already a challenge for her to attend this year’s Critics Choice Awards, where she was nominated for “best actress in a comedy series” due to her physical limitations. And it surely didn’t help that some trolls (who themselves probably look like stank bags of milk by choice and without disease as an excuse) commented on her appearance after pictures of her at the event hit social media. So, Christina engaged with one of them via DM and shared the interaction on Twitter.

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“Heartstopper” Star Kit Connor Comes Out As Bi And Blames Trolls For Forcing Him To Do So

November 1, 2022 / Posted by:

My favorite genre of TV is “secretly queer teens are secretly queer.” See: Love Victor, the gayest eps of Degrassi, and Netflix’s recent hit, Heartstopper. Heartstopper stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor as Charlie and Nick, two cute lil’ British high schoolers who fall in love. Now, in real life, Joe Locke is openly gay. But 18-year-old Kit’s sexuality has been a mystery, and fans of the show were obsessed with figuring it out. Last month, shit hit the fan when photos emerged of Kit holding hands with Maia Reficco, his female co-star in an upcoming movie. Heartstopper fans saw this as a great betrayal and accused Kit of “queerbaiting” by playing a queer character. In response, Kit quit Twitter. Yesterday, he returned, and tweeted that, actually, he was bi, and sarcastically congratulated his critics for “forcing an 18 year old to out himself.”

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Elon Musk Sold $6.88 Billion In Tesla Stock And Challenged Twitter’s CEO To A Public Debate

August 10, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s abundantly clear that Elon Musk doesn’t follow the advice of counsel, otherwise he wouldn’t be pumping his employees full of his “alien” seed. I shudder to think of how much money he wastes on high-powered attorneys just so he can call them into his office and make direct eye contact with them while taking an enormous dump on his own desk. This week Elon’s legal team probably suited up and rubbed some camphor under their noses before stepping into his office to tell him it’s not a great idea to challenge Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to a public debate about the number of bot and spam accounts on the platform two months ahead of the trial in which Twitter is seeking for force him to uphold his contractual obligation to buy the company for $44 billion. But Elon just stared at them with his beady little eyes and squeezed one out while tweeting “I hereby challenge @paraga to a public debate about the Twitter bot percentage.” Look, I talk a lot of shit about Elon but he’s not completely devoid of skills. Tweeting while shitting is easy, but being able to tweet while shitting on a desk in front of an audience is why Elon stays a #winner.

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Hilaria Baldwin Shared Some Of The Hateful Comments She Receives On Instagram

July 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Hilaria Baldwin already holds several titles: “most pregnant pregnant-woman to ever pregnant.” “The Spanish-est Massachusetts native to ever utter ‘coo-cahm-bear.’” “Star of the wokest and definitely most candid gender reveal video of all time.” Next on her agenda: “champion of protecting bullied women everywhere who somehow don’t realize that they can just stop posting or accepting new followers on social media any time they want.” Hilaria, wife of actor Alec Baldwin and mom of six with a seventh on the way, posted a video on Wednesday where she talked about her personal struggle with trolls and how it’s affected her, shared some of the types of hateful comments she receives, and says she wants to help others suffering the same plight.

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Open Post: Hosted By 50 Cent Trolling Madonna On Instagram Again

June 6, 2022 / Posted by:

When 50 Cent first burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, he was probably most known as a hardened rapper who’d endured several gunshot wounds and lived the fast life. Today, he’s more known for claiming bankruptcy while posing with stacks of money, saying people owe him money, collecting that money, trolling other famous people (and even his own son), and igniting feuds–usually by shooting off his fast Instagram fingers. If Statler & Waldorf and Regina George had a miserly, extra-bitchy lovechild, it would be 50 Cent. In his most recent example of “pay attention to me,” he poked fun at some of Madonna’s photos again, after apologizing to her for the same behavior just a few months ago.

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Drake Got Revenge On A Troll By Following His Wife On Instagram

May 5, 2022 / Posted by:

Thanks to ungrateful millionaire Drake, a rap beef can happen anytime, even with online trolls. It’s no secret Drake is messier than a Porta-Potty at Coachella, but that won’t ever stop him from continuously trying to convince us he’s not softer than cotton candy in a monsoon. Although he’s probably still paying Pusha-T royalty checks to shut up about what he knows Drake loves to keep the Tough Tony act going. Now, in an attempt to make sure civilians can feel his wrath as well, Drake decided the best way to seek revenge on a troll who made an inappropriate comment about his son was to track downhill wife and begin following her on Instagram.

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