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Kanye West Is The Subject Of A Battery Investigation After Snatching A Photog’s Phone, And Kim Kardashian Scolded A Pap Who Asked Her About It In Front Of Her Kids

January 30, 2023 / Posted by:

Despite Kanye West being a boil on the ass of this nation (and Australia without even having stepped foot there), it seems like people are still eager to photograph and record him, most likely in an attempt to catch him acting the fool. On Friday, he did just that (again) when he walked up to the car of a photographer recording him, snatched her phone, and whipped it into the street. She reported the incident to the police, and Ye’s now being investigated for battery, so hopefully, there’s at least one lawyer out there somewhere he hasn’t completely repulsed yet. And though Kim Kardashian was probably secretly elated for him to continue to make her look like the more stable parent to their four children, she was noticeably irritated when a pap asked her to comment on the incident.

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Tristan Thompson Will Pay Maralee Nichols $9,500 Per Month In Child Support And Khloe Kardashian Is Not Sleeping With Tristan

December 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Tristan Thompson is a man of many talents: basketball (allegedly), cheating, and getting caught cheating. He’s also great at making babies! There’s 6-year-old Prince, whom he shares with model Jordan Craig (they split after she caught him cheating a month into her pregnancy [also, she was once married to Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga?!]). Then there are Tristan’s two kids with the long-suffering Khloe Kardashian: 4-year-old True and the unnamed baby boy the exes welcomed via surrogate this past July. Finally, there’s 1-year-old Theo, Tristan’s son, with Maralee Nichols. Tristan and Maralee slept together when he was with Khloe, and news of her pregnancy was the catalyst for the last Khloe-Tristan split over a year ago. Back in March, 32-year-old Maralee requested that 31-year-old Tristan pay $47,000 a month in child support. Today, TMZ reported that the pair finally hammered out a paternity settlement. Tristan will pay Maralee $9,500 a month in child support and cover some of her lawyer fees. Um, EXSQUEEZE MOI?! Tristan pays Jordan Craig $40,000 a month! Who was this judge, Khloe in a mustache? Continue reading

Kim Kardashian’s Getting Backlash For Hosting Friendsgiving At A Juvenile Detention Center With Tristan Thompson

November 25, 2022 / Posted by:

After recently hanging out with Ivanka Trump to discuss her sleazy ex-husband Kanye West’s sickening antisemitic rants, Kim Kardashian continued her krusade of hanging out with the most despicable characters she can scrounge up by hosting an event for troubled youth with her sister Khloé Kardashian’s troubled adult baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

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Khloé Kardashian Once Turned Down A Proposal From Tristan Thompson And Her Sisters Are “Concerned” That’s She’s Gotten “Very” Skinny

September 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Watch out, world! Khloé Kardashian is officially too skinny for prime time streaming in the background at a budget nail salon that reeks of acrylic glue and economic exploitation. The most chimeric of all The Kardashians, the one with the kaleidoscope face, has been told by MULTIPLE SIBLINGS that they’re concerned that she’s gotten “really skinny,” much to her feigned shock and surprise. This coming from the same family who she claims once told her she was too fat for “their brand while doing promotion for her now-defunct solo reality hosting gig, Revenge Body. Well, Kris Jenner better prepare to eat her hat because it turns out Khloé CAN take a note after all. And it’s not like Khloé’s going to help her eat it. Do you know how many calories are in an average chapeau?

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Khloe Kardashian Claims Tristan Thompson Knew He Got Another Woman Pregnant Before Agreeing To Have A Baby With Her Via Surrogate

September 22, 2022 / Posted by:

I don’t understand why men continue procreating with any of the Kardashians, but it’s still happening with no foreseeable ending in sight. And the one everyone was rooting for at one time, Khloe Kardashian, kontinues her decline into the peaks and valleys of eternal baby mama madness with another kid she birthed via surrogate for dick dribbling baller-type Tristan Thompson. Their second child, a son, was born in July. And the baby makes his face debut in the trailer of the second season of Hulu’s The Kardashians.

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Kanye West Went Off On The Kardashians And More In An Instagram Meltdown

September 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Kanye West went off on Instagram again. This time, Kanye came after his ex Kim Kardashian and the rest of The Koven for allegedly trying to turn his daughters into porn stars. Kanye also: claimed he himself has a porn addiction, brought up the Clintons, claimed the school systems are indoctrinating his children, roasted Pete Davidson, and came after Kris Jenner who I guess is no longer one of his faves. Classic Ye meltdown! I feel like Instagram meltdowns are more his brand than rapping.

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