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Lance Bass Says That Britney Spears Still Has A “Wall” Of People Around Her

June 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Britney Spears has been a free woman for nearly seven months now, and the mileage of your imagination may vary, but I’m sure many have pictured Britney spending the last seven months knee-deep in freedom-based activities of her heart’s choosing like unlimited Starbucks runs or indoor fashion show twirl parties with her besties. Except according to Lance Bass, we all might be stretching the freedom fantasy a little thin. Because Lance counts himself as Britney’s friend but he can’t seem to book any one-on-one time with her, due to his belief that Britney’s inner circle is still being tightly controlled.

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Lance Bass And His Husband Welcomed Twins

October 15, 2021 / Posted by:

They’re heeere. Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, welcomed baby twins via surrogate on October 13. Last night, Lance announced the news by posting their birth certificates to Instagram; their names are Violet Betty and Alexander James. In the caption, Lance writes that “the baby dragons have arrived” and asks, “how do you change a diaper??! Ahhhhhhh!” Bitch, you better find out, you got two newborn dragons, those little fucks shit fire!

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Lance Bass And His Husband Michael Turchin Are Expecting Twins

June 2, 2021 / Posted by:

Lance Bass and his husband of almost seven years Michael Turchin are expecting twins (a boy and a girl) in the fall. These two have been gunning for twins for years — 34-year-old Michael is a boy/girl twin and he wanted the same for his kids. Having twins also meant that one of the babies could be fertilized using 42-year-old Lance’s boy band sperm and the other could be fertilized with hot Michael’s. Lance’s newborn will be the one with frosted tips. Continue reading

Lance Bass Says That Jax Taylor Has Stepped Away From Their Beverage Company, And He Might Be The Next One Fired From “Vanderpump Rules”

June 16, 2020 / Posted by:

Wow, you really do learn something new every day. No, I’m not just learning that Jax Taylor has been operating at the level of awful that could reasonably qualify him for getting kicked off his reality TV show (that was common knowledge). It’s that Jax Taylor had launched a line of non-alcoholic mixers called Just Add X with Lance Bass. Except that as of right now, Jax has nothing to do with their company. He also might soon have nothing to do with Vanderpump Rules as well.

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Open Post: Hosted By Justin Timberlake Talking About His And Britney Spears’ Ultra Elegant Matching Denim Look

March 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Ah, 2001. A simpler time. WAIT, nope. Let me be more specific. January 2001. That was a simpler time. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had been dating since 1998, she was hosting the AMAs, and JT was her plus one. And when those two lovefools hit the red carpet? Well, I don’t need to tell you what happened next. It’s in all the history books, right beside JLo’s green dress and Paris Hilton’s Juicy Couture tracksuits. It was denim. It was on denim. And it was matching. Many have tried to replicate that magic, but all have failed.

Justin, never one to toot his own horn, has never really acknowledged his part in fashion history. But he finally opened up while on Lance Bass’ podcast, The Daily Popcast. Continue reading

The Red Carpet Of The MTV VMAs Was A Journey Through Space And Time

August 27, 2019 / Posted by:

The year is 2019, and there’s a teddy bear in Naughty by Nature. It’s as confusing a notion as it is a sentence to read. But these are the times we are living in. Time to accept that what once was in the past, will be revisiting us in the present (with a collection of random pop culture barnacles from The Time Tube attached), to confuse future generations. So now NBN (pictured above with their new bear Illtown Sluggaz and Redman) has a Kanye West style College Dropout teddy bear in it, and Treach has gone from excoriating his ex-wife Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa fame) on Instagram, to parading around in bondage gear and issuing confusing handkerchief codes at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. Hip hop hooray?

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