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“Summer Camp” Was The Unspoken Theme Of The BET Awards Red Carpet

June 24, 2019 / Posted by:

You can always count on any BET red carpet to provide some high fashion “moments”, and last night’s BET Awards was no exception. The MET Gala would have been smart to reference “BET red carpet” when trying to get clueless celebrities to grasp the concept of camp. RuPaul’s zebra suit would have looked right at home given the profusion of sequins, pastels, neon, and sculptural pieces that walked the BET carpet.  For example, take aspiring rapper/entrepreneur/wig maker to the stars Cliff Vmir (above). His title alone is plenty camp, but throw in a chartreuse vinyl jumpsuit and top it off with a day-glo Victorian fringed lampshade, you’ve got a weenie roast with s’mores for dessert.

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Blac Chyna Is Mad At Rob Kardashian For Not Letting Their Child Make An Appearance On Her Reality Show

June 17, 2019 / Posted by:

The Kardashian Koven is dead serious about not letting Blac Chyna get any money off the Kardashian name, and that seems to include her own child, Dream Kardashian. Not only does Rob Kardashian not have to pay Blac Chyna anymore money for child support, the Kardashians are making it clear to Chyna that making money off of Dream is off limits too. Dream Kardashian is under the Kardashian banner and so if anybody is going to profit off of her, it’s going to be Pimp Mama Kris.

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Tyga Was Once Married To The Mother Of One Of Tristan Thompson’s Kids

May 19, 2019 / Posted by:

No, not Khloe Kardashian. Wouldn’t that be a nauseating twist in the Kardashian Koven Khronicle? Another one. TMZ reports that Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga was once married to Jordan Craig, who shares a child with Khloe’s cheating ex Tristan Thompson. Please keep in mind that Tyga also has a kid with Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna. These people need a new goddamn dating pool. One of their kids is going to be born with an extra eye or limb or something.

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Blac Chyna Claimed She Was Going To Attend Harvard Online Business School, But They Say She Isn’t

April 26, 2019 / Posted by:

Now that Blac Chyna no longer has a seat on that Kartrashian gravy train because the father of one of her meal tickets, Rob Kardashian, is officially off the hook for child support; she needs to find a new source of income and a new gig. Chyna has decided she’s going to do it the authentic way: she’s going to have a real person experience, go to school, get educated, and make something of herself! …I’m just kidding! Did you read that and believe me? Come on, bitch! No. Chyna may have planned to finesse her way into Harvard but then she jumped the gun and talked about it, and now Harvard is like, “No you’re not, goodbye.”

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Rob Kardashian No Longer Has To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support

March 26, 2019 / Posted by:

Blac Chyna and failed sock mogul Rob Kardashian have been fighting over custody and child support for months, and it looked liked they settled the mess by the end of last month. There wasn’t much info at the time, and I’m sure we all couldn’t wait to hear every last detail of what made these two idiots rub their last brain cells together and come up with a plan, but now TMZ has all the tea. And Chyna’s glass is bitter AF. It’s not looking good for Chyna in terms of her ca$$$$hing in on the Koven. It’s seems that the Kardashian Gravy Train will no longer be pulling it’s fat ass into Blac Chyna Station as Rob is going to be paying Blac Chyna a whopping $0 in monthly child support.

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