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Jennifer Lopez Confirms She Was Supposed To Kiss Madonna At The 2003 VMAs Instead Of Christina Aguilera

January 18, 2023 / Posted by:

Now that Madonna will be ceasing her mummification treatments in preparation for a brand new tour starting this summer, perhaps she may want to bring Jennifer Lopez along to correct an egregious error. We all remember back in 2003 when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were treated to a mouth-to-mouth session with Madonna during the MTV Video Music Awards, leading to one of the most iconic (and cringeworthy) moments in VMA history. Now, imagine if we yanked Xtina offstage and substituted her deflated cakes with J. Lo’s rotund rump because she claims she was the original choice to dance alongside Madonna.

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A Britney Spears Collab With Beyoncé Fell Through And She Denies Being At A Birthday Party With Paris Hilton

January 10, 2023 / Posted by:

Britney Spears must be happier than a pig in shit, y’all, because it seems like everyone has her name in their mouth or wants to appear as a main character in her hypothetical redemption story. But she’s Britney, bitch, and if it doesn’t involve staring into souls while dancing or modeling the same outfit repetitively on Instagram or duetting with Elton John, she’s not interested. So when Beyoncé recently looked down from her golden elevator to invite Brit Brit to appear in one of her videos, the plan failed without explanation. And in a weirder series of events, Britney says she hasn’t been to a birthday party in years–which adds fuel to yesterday’s #FreeBritney conspiracy theory mess when Paris Hilton was accused of (but vehemently denied) photoshopping Britney into a pic from a birthday party. 

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Open Post: Hosted By Paris Hilton Denying She Photoshopped Britney Spears Into A Picture From A Birthday Party

January 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Lynne Spearsslappin’ hand must’ve been mysteriously tingling in yearning over the weekend when an alive and well Britney Spears partied alongside Paris Hilton again. Britney has pretty much only been manifesting as a confrontational, twirling living-room nymph these days–and only on Instagram and not really in public–so when a snap of her out at a birthday party made it to Paris’ Insta a few days ago, many #FreeBritney conSpearacy theorists accused Paris of photoshopping Britney into the picture due to something looking “off.” But, Paris attempted to put the speculation to rest and blamed it on an app someone used to make it look less blurry.

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Sources Say That Britney Spears Is Alive And Well In Mexico, Despite A Fan Theory That She’s In Danger

December 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Well, it looks like some of the #FreeBritney people have become #RIPBritney people. Because for a bit, there have been conspiracy theories that a freed Britney is in danger, or possibly dead, or being controlled by her “closeted” husband, Sam Asghari. Um, not everything is related to White Lotus season two. I’m not sure if evil gays are not trying to Britney Spears.

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Kevin Federline And Jamie Spears Are Teaming Up To Write A Book About Fatherhood

December 19, 2022 / Posted by:

Now that Jamie Spears isn’t able to skim off the top of Britney Spears’ fortune anymore and Kevin Federline is exactly one Popozão away from his and Britney’s sons aging out of their child support, it was time for Jamie and Kevin to frantically secure that bag by any means necessary. And since two dickheads are better than one, they’ve teamed up to “write” a book on fatherhood because Al Bundy and Jack Torrance must be busy.

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Jamie Spears Speaks Out And Says That Britney’s Conservatorship Saved Her Life

December 18, 2022 / Posted by:

A Spears family member has spoken out. And it’s not Jamie Lynn via reality TV show or Britney with a thousand smiley face/knife emojis on Instagram. It’s the patriarch of the Spears clan himself: Jamie Spears! We haven’t heard much from Jamie outside of comments from the family’s legal battle and Britney’s warm wish that her father enjoys a lovey Sunday roast. Unable to keep silent, Jamie has finally spoken “for the first time in a decade” with The Mail on Sunday. Followers of the pop star’s social media presence, prepare yourselves. Hell hath no fury like a Brit Brit scorned!

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