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Britney Spears Met With Her Mom, Lynne Spears, For The First Time In Several Years

May 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Britney Spears has had a lot to deal with lately, like rumors that her marriage to Sam Asghari is Toxic, the airing of a TMZ documentary about her, and the legal limbo of her yet-to-be-released memoir. But one long-running burden she’s had to bear is her animosity towards her family since she’s been freed from her conservatorship. Her estranged mom, Lynne Spears, had tried to reach out to Britney before, which wasn’t received well, but Britney must have finally decided that Lynne is the parent who’s the lesser of two evils because although Brit used to have her blocked on Instagram and once posted that she (and the rest of the Spearses) should “go fuck themselves,” Lynne flew to L.A. yesterday to visit with Britney at her home, and Britney actually let her come in.

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The Beckhams and Peltzes Reportedly Met Over Easter To Make Peace

April 10, 2023 / Posted by:

In case you missed (or purposely dodged) all of the pics on your timeline of families in their Target best captioned “He has risen!” yesterday, it was Easter. But it was also the one-year anniversary of Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham tying the knot in a lavish wedding, which triggered a frivolous lawsuit! To mark this momentous occasion (the anniversary, not the rising from the dead thing), Nicola’s billionaire parents, Nelson and Claudia Peltz, reportedly hosted Brooklyn and Nicola along with David and Victoria Beckham at their Palm Beach compound so everyone could get together and put a cork in their bolognese family feud. 

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Sources Say The Sussexes Have “Declared War” On The Wales By Releasing The Trailer For “Meghan & Harry” During Their “Super Bowl” Charity Event

December 2, 2022 / Posted by:

If memory serves, America did an entire revolution so we wouldn’t have to be bothered with the goings on of the British Royal Family. So I am a bit perplexed as to why they keep washing up on our shores, looking for attention and dumping their family tea all up in our harbors. As if we don’t have our own traditions of feuding inbred clans to contend with! Page Six reports that sources claim that the release of the trailer for Prince Harry and his American Wife Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, is part of a ”coordinated campaign” to “overshadowPrince William and Princess Kate’s “Super Bowlcharity trip to Boston. And the Daily Mail says the documentary as a whole is tantamount to “a declaration of war,” which, as far as I can tell, ain’t got shit to do with the price of tea, which, BY THE WAY, should be free since we didn’t ask for it and y’all just dumped it on us anyway. I mean, we will take it. But we are not paying a penny more than we’re already shelling out for our Netflix subscriptions! 

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50 Cent Had Thoughts About His Son Marquise Jackson’s Public Child Support Comments And Appeal To Spend Time Together

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, Marquise Jackson was stuntin’ like his daddy when he publicly called out his estranged father, 50 Cent, and proposed that he’d pay him $6,700–the amount of monthly child support Fif paid–to spend 24 hours together. It went about as well as you’d think, with 50 trolling Marquise by posting a scene from Power on Instagram where his character kills his own son. 50 was recently a guest on The Breakfast Club and further addressed Marquise’s comments about child support and their flaming train wreck of a relationship.

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Marquise Jackson, 50 Cent’s Oldest Son, Offered To Pay One Month Of What His Absent Dad Paid In Child Support To Spend 24 Hours Together

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Over the span of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s career, his most remarkable trait has been his undying love for hate. Whether it’s Vivica A. Fox, Ja Rule, or Madonna; 50 never misses an opportunity to profess his contempt. And in perhaps Fitty’s most impressive and challenging prolonged display of hate: one of his own spawns, who he wishes would get hit by a bus. 50 and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson, have been passing their repugnance for each other back and forth for years; but this week, Marquise had a proposition for his estranged dad: he’d pay him $6,700 (which is what 50 paid in child support for Marquise) to spend 24 hours of quality time with him. 

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Lynne Spears Apologized To Britney Spears On Instagram And Asked To Be Unblocked

October 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Kevin, Preston, and Jayden Federline; Jamie Spears; Jamie Lynn Spears, and Lynne Spears have all been featured players on the Lazy Susan of Britney’s Biggest Botherers (with a guest appearance from Jason Alexander) even now that she’s twirled free of her years-long conservatorship. And though most would expect Britney Spears to be living her best life after over a decade of being under her father’s control, she’s seemed to have gotten angrier and angrier at all involved, judging by her (now deactivated) Instagram. But before she closed her account, Britney explained that she frequently pissed-posts because her family has never apologized or taken accountability for their treatment of her. In true Spears public-mess fashion, Lynne replied to Britney’s post with an apology and a plea for Britney to unblock her.

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