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Vivica A. Fox Is Defending Her Ex 50 Cent After Nick Cannon Called Him Fat

June 15, 2023 / Posted by:

You would think a man with a thousand children like Nick Cannon would live by the motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…blah blah“. But since Nick isn’t known for civility, he’s running off at the mouth again. This time his target is Oscar the Grouch of hip hop, 50 Cent. Recently, check cashing Queen and 50’s ex Vivica A. Fox admitted she wouldn’t mind a spin back down 50’s Lane of Love, but Nick laughed off that notion claiming Vivica was lying. So she stepped into the arena after their back-and-forth to inform Nick, in the words of Nivea, “Don’t mess with my man!

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What Year Is It Again? Fans Think Nelly And Ashanti May Have Rekindled Their Relationship

April 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Grab your ornamental face Band-aids and/or your best sparkly going-out top with a wide-ass belt; because Nelly and Ashanti might be providing us with the early aughts nostalgia we didn’t know we needed by getting back together! Fans think the two may have pulled a “Bennifer 2.0” after they were seen arriving and sitting together at a boxing match and holding hands as they left, 20 years after they’d first started dating before being on and off for over a decade and then breaking up for good in 2013.

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50 Cent Reached A Settlement With The Medical Spa That Posted A Photo That Was Used To Imply He Had Penile Enhancement

March 29, 2023 / Posted by:

50 Cent’s totally unretouched dick can breathe a sigh of relief; because its battle for integrity has come to a close. As we know, he sued a Miami medical spa and its owner for posting a picture of him that The Shade Room also ended up using on a post about penile enhancement surgery. He also went after The Shade Room, which just settled with him in February. This all may seem trivial to us, but as Benjamin Franklin once said, “justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are, and I get my money by Monday.” Or something.

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50 Cent Reached A Settlement With The Shade Room Over Their Alleged False Insinuation He Had Penile Enhancement

February 22, 2023 / Posted by:

50 Cent doesn’t just spend all of his time abhorring his oldest son, trolling Madonna on Instagram, and hanging upside down looking like a bat with a bowel obstruction; he also fiercely defends the honor of his allegedly unretouched penis! A few months ago, 50 filed a lawsuit when a picture he took with plastic surgeon Angela Kogan was posted alongside an interview she did with The Shade Room about penis enhancement surgery. Fofty sued Angela, the med spa she owns, and The Shade Room for implying he had his dong lengthened. According to Complex, 50 recently agreed to settle with The Shade Room for an undisclosed amount.

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50 Cent Had Thoughts About His Son Marquise Jackson’s Public Child Support Comments And Appeal To Spend Time Together

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, Marquise Jackson was stuntin’ like his daddy when he publicly called out his estranged father, 50 Cent, and proposed that he’d pay him $6,700–the amount of monthly child support Fif paid–to spend 24 hours together. It went about as well as you’d think, with 50 trolling Marquise by posting a scene from Power on Instagram where his character kills his own son. 50 was recently a guest on The Breakfast Club and further addressed Marquise’s comments about child support and their flaming train wreck of a relationship.

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Marquise Jackson, 50 Cent’s Oldest Son, Offered To Pay One Month Of What His Absent Dad Paid In Child Support To Spend 24 Hours Together

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Over the span of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s career, his most remarkable trait has been his undying love for hate. Whether it’s Vivica A. Fox, Ja Rule, or Madonna; 50 never misses an opportunity to profess his contempt. And in perhaps Fitty’s most impressive and challenging prolonged display of hate: one of his own spawns, who he wishes would get hit by a bus. 50 and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson, have been passing their repugnance for each other back and forth for years; but this week, Marquise had a proposition for his estranged dad: he’d pay him $6,700 (which is what 50 paid in child support for Marquise) to spend 24 hours of quality time with him. 

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