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Blake Lively Won’t Be At Monday’s Met Gala, But Paris Hilton, Brooklyn Beckham, And Nicola Peltz Will

April 28, 2023 / Posted by:

The Met Gala is this coming Monday (first Monday in May… checks out), and Hollywood’s pretty, privileged, and plastic are rarin’ to show off their high fashun lewks, inspired by Karl Lagerfeld. But don’t expect Met Gala mainstay Blake Lively. She told People she wouldn’t be attending this year. But don’t worry, the nepo-babies will more than make up for her absence. In addition to Kim Kardashian, who already confirmed, that she’ll be there, Paris Hilton, Brooklyn Beckham, and Nicola Peltz-Beckham have all announced they’ll be there too.

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The Beckhams and Peltzes Reportedly Met Over Easter To Make Peace

April 10, 2023 / Posted by:

In case you missed (or purposely dodged) all of the pics on your timeline of families in their Target best captioned “He has risen!” yesterday, it was Easter. But it was also the one-year anniversary of Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham tying the knot in a lavish wedding, which triggered a frivolous lawsuit! To mark this momentous occasion (the anniversary, not the rising from the dead thing), Nicola’s billionaire parents, Nelson and Claudia Peltz, reportedly hosted Brooklyn and Nicola along with David and Victoria Beckham at their Palm Beach compound so everyone could get together and put a cork in their bolognese family feud. 

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Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking Has Come Under Fire Again For Putting A Wine Cork In His Bolognese

March 30, 2023 / Posted by:

Ok, everybody simmer down. Brooklyn Beckham’s getting roasted again for his questionable culinary skills after he posted a picture of himself in the kitchen holding a puppy in a sling while stirring a pot of what looks like high end dog food with a wine cork floating in it but which I’ve been assured by The Daily Mail is supposed to be Bolognese sauce. But really, what harm has he done? He’s just a 24-year-old kid making himself a pot of sketti as an excuse to open what is probably a $600 bottle of Merlot on a Wednesday afternoon. Lord knows he’s not cooking for anybody but himself and the puppy. You think his wife Nicola Peltz Beckham would deign to put anything that comes out of that kitchen in her mouth? Ha! Let my boy enjoy his hairy sketti in peace!

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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Has Added Another Tattoo Dedicated To His Wifey Nicola Peltz Beckham

February 23, 2023 / Posted by:

When there’s trouble in paradise, or in this case, in California by way of Florida, sometimes the only thing to do is DEFLECT – DEFLECT – DEFLECT! According to E! News, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham showed off a brand new tattoo, a giant portrait of Nicola Peltz Beckham’s face, his wifey of just under a year, after embarrassing details about the couple’s $13 million “shit-show of a wedding, rife with secrets and superfudge (auto-correct and it stays), were revealed earlier this week. Brooklyn’s latest masterpiece is proudly on display in the Wifey Wing on his bicep and is now part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Matrimonial Art (BMMA).

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Nicola And Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s Wedding “Chaos” Is Detailed In A Counter-Suit Filed By The Wedding Planners Her Dad Is Suing

February 21, 2023 / Posted by:

You don’t become a billionaire by throwing money away. Sure, it’s a great way to become an ex-billionaire, but you’re not making your way to the top of the food chain without getting litigious about every nickel and dime you think you’re owed. So it was no surprise that Nicola Peltz’s billionaire daddy, Nelson Peltz, decided to sue a pair of wedding planners for $159,000, a mere drop in one of the many buckets he’s probably got stashed under the tap of one of his untraceable overseas bank accounts. But unfortunately for Daddy Peltz, the bucket bit back and now he’s being counter-sued for breach of contract by Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba, the third set of wedding planners they used, who were fired after an alleged nine days in hell of dealing with Nicola and her mom Claudia Peltz’ disorganization and unreasonable demands the planners claim kept them from doing their job.

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Nicola Peltz’s Dad Is Suing A Set Of Wedding Planners Who Dropped Out To Get Back Their $159,000 Deposit

February 3, 2023 / Posted by:

Back in April 2022, Nicola Peltz became Mrs. Wifey Peltz-Beckham when she married the untrained aspiring master chef/son of David and Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham. It was obviously an obscene display of extreme wealth and pretension when 2 (rich as hell families) Becomes 1 (insufferable unit of hoity-toity twats). And because accused nanny-knocker Nicola was involved, dramatics ensued. First, It was reported that Posh was upset because Nicola didn’t wear a Victoria Beckham wedding dress, while Nicola argued she chose another designer because the VB atelier couldn’t get the job done. But family members weren’t the only poor souls in Nicola’s crosshairs. Would you please think of the revolving door of traumatized wedding planners? Her billionaire dad, Nelson Peltz, is now going after the second of three separate wedding planners Nicola ran through to get back the $159,000 deposit he paid and the legal fees he’s spending to sue them.

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