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Justin Bieber Really Does Want To Fight Tom Cruise After All

June 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Hailey Baldwin has a very important job this week, and that’s to watch Million Dollar Baby, Rocky, and any number of other underdog fight movies, and learn how to say the words, “Don’t do it, you’ll never win!” while pounding her fists into his chest. Because it sounds like Justin Bieber really wants to fight Tom Cruise.

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Smash Mouth, The Voice Of Reason, Thinks Straight Pride Parades Are Stupid

June 5, 2019 / Posted by:

Smash Mouth is not here for a straight pride parade and took to Twitter to tell the straight pride parade dudes to get fucked, which if they did, they probably wouldn’t be organizing a straight pride parade. If you want to watch a straight pride parade, just sit in the parking lot of a Dave & Busters at closing time, but a tiny group of straight men in Boston have organized a Straight Pride Parade, and Smash Mouth, among many, isn’t for it. This is a particular blow because I bet that whoever is organizing the potential Boston Straight Pride Parade had Smash Mouth as one of their dream bands. Imagine the float organizer’s face when they learn “All Star” can’t be chanted endlessly. Though I guess it just added more room for House of Pain’s Jump Around.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Period Cocktail

May 6, 2019 / Posted by:

A bar in Lakewood, Ohio called Yuzu is turning that quiet state upside-down with a new drink inspired by a need to raise awareness of women’s causes. It’s a great cause… and an interesting way of going about it. The bar is now selling a cocktail called the Even Can’t Literally to raise money for a women’s shelter and it gets served to you with an empty tampon applicator inside.

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An Instagram Influencer Called The Police After Her Account Was Deleted

April 12, 2019 / Posted by:

An Instagram “influencer” with over 100,000 followers decided that the only rational course of action to be taken after her account was deleted, was to pick up her phone and hit 9-1-1. Someone call Olivia Jade, and let her know we found someone who might be more out of touch than her.

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Rami Malek Tried To Stage Dive At The Oscars But Nobody Was There To Catch Him

February 25, 2019 / Posted by:

When Rami Malek was announced as winner for Best Actor at the Academy Awards last night, I braced myself to cringe because I knew Freddie Mercury was not done meddling in the earthly affairs of Bohemian Rhapsody just yet. You see, throughout the evening, Freddie kept floating up to Rami and tweaking his little bow-tie so that it was never straight. However, I wasn’t expecting Freddie to push him off stage at the end of the show! But it’s the most logical explanation for Rami’s taking a big enough tumble to require paramedic assistance and miss getting his picture taken backstage with his fellow winners for acting, Regina King, Mahershala Ali, and Olivia Colman. Rami is fine, but his Bohemian Rhapsody journey has been wild as hell from beginning to end.

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Piers Morgan Has Been Accused Of Faking His Recent Hospital Stay

January 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Piers Morgan recently posted a selfie in the hospital, leading to premature cheers from his detractors celebrating his impending demise. However, Piers is not deathly ill and claims he just has a little upset tummy wummy after eating a vegan sausage roll live on tellie. Since this is Piers we’re talking about, people are calling BS on his reasons for skipping class and going to the nurse’s office, as he’s been on an anti-vegan kick this month in protest of “Veganuary.” Strange issue for Piers to  choose as his latest soap box stance, but hey, stunt queens gotta stunt. Continue reading

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