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Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears’ Nightmare-Inducing Version Of “White Christmas”

December 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Christmastime is that magical time of year where we hear the same damn songs over and over again, get really wasted at holiday parties and hook up with random strangers to give the gift that keeps on giving: SHAME. And speaking of shame (or lack thereof), let’s check in with Britney Spears and watch her living her best life. And by living her best life I, of course mean, scaring the hell out of her fans with a creepy rendition of White Christmas.

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Mariah Carey Canceled Christmas Tour Dates

November 16, 2017 / Posted by:

The Grinch is working overtime this year and is trying to ruin Christmas already even though it’s still only November. Instead of crawling on his belly like a snake and stealing gifts, this year he’s trying to hit us where it really hurts: by working us over with a decidedly UN-festive gut punch. The Grinch gave Mariah Carey the vocal clap!

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Who Needs A Grammy Nomination When You’ve Got Santa’s Crotch To Twerk On?

December 7, 2013 / Posted by:

The Grammy nominations were announced last night and it might be safe for you to watch that shit show in January without attacking the TV with a tongue scraper every time Miley Cyrus pops up on the screen, because she might not be there since she didn’t get not a one nomination. Katy Perry was nominated for her cover of Sara Barillapasta’s (it’s Saturday, don’t make me Google for the correct spelling of her name) “Brave,” Sara Barillapasta was nominated for the original version of “Roar” and Illuminati kingpin and temporary vegan Jay-Z led the nominations with 9. Miley’s album “Finger Bangerz” was released after the cut-off date, but “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” both came out before the cut-off date. Bitch got snubbed!

As the nominations were announced live during that stupid ass Grammy Nominations Concert last night, Miley ruined Christmas for the children when she gave them a ho ho ho show at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball in L.A. My thoughts and prayers are with the parents whose youngins were there last night and are now singing, “I saw Miley butt fucking Santa Claus.” I don’t know if Miley is passing her butt critters to Bad Santa or Bad Santa’s passing his reindeer fleas to Miley or a little of both. For some of us, looking at these pictures are about as pleasant as watching a drunken hobo in a Santa hat jerk his candy cane off while lying against a wall on the Bowery (Correction: I’ve actually seen that on the subway before and it was more pleasant than these pictures), but these are pretty wholesome in the Cyrus world. If you Photoshopped Billy Ray’s face over that Bad Santa’s face and replaced that drankin’ bag with a jug of moonshine, these would look exactly like pictures out of the Cyrus family holiday album.

And back to the Grammys… Justin Timberlake may be the outcast of Hollywood, but he’s still the Homecoming Queen of the Grammys. Justin got 7 nominations as did Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kendrick Lamar. Lorde got a bunch of noms, but ho didn’t make it into the Best New Artist category. You can see all of the nominations here, but you should really read them while crouching under a steady surface, because once Kanye finds out that he was locked out of some of the major categories, his throbbing ego will explode and the earth will shake. Also, La Vampy didn’t get one nomination! We must RAGE!

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