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Lindsay Lohan And Pepsi Are Trying To Make Pepsi Milk Happen

December 1, 2022 / Posted by:

And now for something completely disgusting. Lindsay Lohan stars in two new Christmas-themed ads for Pepsi. So far, not gross. I, for one, welcome the Lohanaissance. No, what’s absolutely fucking repulsive is what happens in these commercials. Both Santa Claus and Lilo mix Pepsi with milk and try to convince us it’s delicious! They’re calling it “Pilk”, and, in each commercial, Lindsay utters this perverted line: “That is one dirty soda!” I’ve never been more offended in my entire life.

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Lindsay Lohan And Her Husband Made Their Red Carpet Debut, And She Talked About Her Return To Hollywood

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Last night was the New York premiere of the new Lindsay Lohan Netflix movie, Falling for Christmas. OK, it wasn’t so much a “premiere” as it was a “fan screening,” but a red carpet is a red carpet, baby! And Lindsay walked it with her new husband, Bader Shammas, and a couple of other very special guests: sister/co-star Ali Lohan, age 28, and her mother, Dina Lohan, age 60. Doneta Melina Nicolette Lohan (née Sullivan) hath returneth!

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Tiffany Trump Is “Flipping Out” As Hurricane Nicole Threatens To Derail Her Mar-A-Lago Wedding This Weekend

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

You never know what you’re going to come home with after you’ve been partying in Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan. But whichever muse inspired Alanis Morrisette to write Ironic must have been going extra hard that fateful night in 2018 when she and Lindsay conspired to send Tiffany Trump home with a Nigerian prince and possibly head lice. Now, four years later, the Ironic muse finally found the keys she lost in the sand at Lindsay’s now-shuttered beach club just in time to send Tiffany some rain on her wedding day.

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Lindsay Lohan Wishes Social Media Existed Earlier In Her Career

November 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Anyone who’s been a celebrity gossip connoisseur since the early aughts is familiar with the conflagrant wreck that was Lindsay Lohan. Whether it was beefing with BrandonLindsay Lohan is a Fire CrotchDavis and Paris Hilton or quarreling with her “friendSamantha Ronson, Lindsay was always reliably stationed at the corner of “Hot Mess” and “Not This Shit Again.” Despite that, Lindsay said during her interview for the cover of Cosmopolitan that she wishes social media was around back in the earlier parts of her career so that she could have better controlled her own narrative. And the whole internet collectively sighed, “ohhhh, honey.” She also touched on all of her recent work and her unlikely friendship with Al Pacino.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Pitched A “Freaky Friday” Sequel To Disney And Lindsay Lohan Is Up For It

October 12, 2022 / Posted by:

We live in an era of constant reboots and remakes because Hollywood finally figured out that releasing the same story repeatedly generates revenue. And Jamie Lee Curtis has decided to take a hiatus from roasting big-headed celebrities to pitch an update for her 2003 hit comedy Freaky Friday. Jamie Lee revealed during an interview with The View that she has been in talks with Disney about a sequel, and once Lindsay Lohan heard the ding from the cash register inside her head, she immediately let everyone know she’s ready to switch bodies from Broke Broad into Rich Bitch!

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Open Post: Hosted By Lindsay Lohan Falling On Her Sword To Save Christmas In The Trailer For Netflix’s “Falling For Christmas”

October 7, 2022 / Posted by:

We may be careening towards complete societal collapse, but even if it’s our last, this Christmas is sure to be the best one yet thanks to Lindsay Lohan falling off a cliff in the trailer for her Netflix Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas. Last year we learned that The War on Christmas’ clumsiest warrior had pulled herself away from the recording studio, where she is still presumably putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited album that was supposed to usher in the 2019 Lohaniassance, to film FFC as well as a second rom-com for Netflix called Irish Wish, which will presumably come out just in time to save Saint Patrick’s day.

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